Little Mix Plays The Chubby Bunny Challenge – Watch Now! @LittleMixOffic

littlemix2Little Mix has a lot on their plate and when you have so much to do such as working on new music, promoting and releasing a new album, you may lose time for yourself and some time to have fun. Despite all the things the ladies of Little Mix have going on, they made sure to have some time for fun. These girls decided to play the Chubby Bunny Challenge against one another!

Little Mix dropped by the You Generation studios and play the game. The Chubby Bunny Challenge is a game where you have to stuff as many marshmallows as you can in your mouth and be able to say Chubby Bunny.

The girls divided themselves up into two teams: Leigh-Anne & Jesy vs. Jade & Perrie. The loser then agreed to upload an ugly selfie to the You Generation Facebook page. Check out the video below to see who won and who had to upload the ugly selfie!

Noah Cyrus Shares Her First Episode On The Seriously Cyrus YouTube Channel @noahcyrus

noahNoah Cyrus has uploaded her first and new video for the new YouTube channel formed by the Cyrus Family called Seriously Cyrus. In this video, Noah and her friend take part in the Chubby Bunny Challenge where they have to fit as many giant marshmallows as they can in their mouth one at a time while still being able to say “Chubby Bunny.” It sure is a funny one. Check out the video below to see which one of them wins!

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