Galvanized Souls Headline Troubadour Friday, August 29

Galvanized Souls headline The Troubadour this Friday, August 29, leading So Cal’s young rock bands in an almost sold out show.  Joining Galvanized Souls on stage will be March 4th Music, The Unknown, False Puppet, The Paralyzers and Gravity Hill.

“To be headlining this power house line-up of young So Cal rockers at the Troubadour makes my head pound with excitement, ” says Zakk Silveira, lead singer of Galvanized Souls. “I’m fired up for this night!”

Galvanized Souls have  been touring the Southern California circuit hard this summer and central coast editors are taking note.  The Santa Barbara Independent states, “their sound is an oddly large thing that reads a little bit Blink-182, a little bit Alice in Chains, and onstage, they are as fully formed as any “youth band” I’ve seen.  (Truthfully, they’re more fully formed than most “adult bands” I’ve seen).”

The Troubadour is located at 9081 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywod 90069.  Click for map.

Door open at 6:30 PM and admission is $10.00.   For tickets, please click here.

Click below to watch Galvanized Souls’ latest video CARRY ON

Galvanized Souls To Perform This Sunday At The AVALON – United We Jam Concert


Galvanized Souls to rock Hollywood this weekend to perform at the first annual United We Jam concert at the Avalon.  Sponsored by Energy X in conjunction with the Jade Against BullyingGalvanized Souls will be rocking out the crowd among several bands that include Diamante, DJ Nel, False Puppet, Ricky Rocks, Signal City and Track Bangas.  Hosted by Jade and Hannah Kay. 

 “With the release of our latest single, CARRY ON, we’ve been fortunate enough to start a meaningful dialogue with our fans about bullying and standing up for yourself,” says Zakk Silveira, lead singer of Galvanized Souls.  “It’s a natural fit for us to participate in United We Jam because the cause is so close to our hearts.  And if we get to rock it out at the Avalon, it’s a no brainer!”

VIP tickets and General Admission tickets for the event are sold out.

50 $10 donation tickets are still available through Eventbrite.  For $10 dondation tickets, please click here.

Catch Galvanized Souls this week at:

Thursday 8/7/2014 Santa Barbara,Ca Chase Palm Park
Saturday 8/9/2014 Ventura, CA Sans Souci Cocktail Lounge
Sunday 8/10/2014 Los Angeles, CA AVALON HOLLYWOOD

Galvanized Souls Advance To Battle of the Bands Finals


Galvanized Souls claimed victory last night in the semi-final round of The Ventura County Music Awards Best New Artist Category in a showdown with Good Deeds at Arena Sports Bar and Grill in Simi Valley.

The contest is judged based on fan participation and cheering, plenty of which took place in the crowded Simi Valley establishment, with Souls edging out Deeds with the help of an excited crowd and a few extra decibels.

This win moves Galvanized Souls into the finals where they will square off against Dark Side for the title of Best New Artist. The final is set to take place Friday, August 1, at the very same Arena Sports Bar and Grill location in Simi Valley.

Catch Galvanized Souls this Saturday, July 26, at Hogue Barmichaels in Newport Beach.  Doors open at 8:00 PM.

Check out Galvanized Souls’ latest video “CARRY ON” below:

Galvanized Souls Hit 100,000 In Less Than 1 Month


Galvanized Souls’ latest video for their single, CARRY ON, continues to climb into the hearts and minds of rock enthusiasts, surpassing 100,000 views on Youtube in less than one month.  Currently the video is now over 110,635 views.

“We’re stoked!” says Zakk Silveira, lead singer of Galvanized Souls. “The video for CARRY ON seems to be striking a chord with everyone who listens to it. We wanted to create a video that would inspire people to rise above bullying and hardship and carry on – and the message seems to be finding its way to all kinds of people, young and old.  This is a message everyone can relate to.”

The video is based on the story of an 11 year old boy from Michigan, named ColinIn a Detroit suburb on February 2, 2014, Jennifer Cunningham created a Facebook page to help her wish her son a Happy 11th Birthday.  Like so many kids, Colin suffered from bullying every day at school and didn’t have any friends to invite to his birthday party.  The world responded, and over 2 million Facebook friends later, GMA threw Colin a surprise birthday.

When Galvanized Souls heard about Colin through Facebook, they completely identified with him as they had experienced the same kind of bullying Colin did for being different.  They sent over an MP3 of CARRY ON to Colin and a few weeks later, they were shooting the video that traced Colin through a bully experience all too familiar to so many people.

Galvanized Souls are celebrating a phenomenally successful month with a multitude of features including USA Today, Detroit Free Press and Guitar World.   

Catch Galvanized Souls at one of their upcoming gigs this summer:

Galvanized Souls Hit Rusty’s Surf Ranch In Santa Monica… This Friday!

Galvanized Souls head south this weekend for their inaugural performance at Rusty’s Surf Shop in Santa Monica, Friday, July 18th at 11:45 PM. Opening for Galvanized Souls will be eclectic rockers Elephant Hill at 10:30 pm.

We’re excited to play Rusty’s in Santa Monica.  It’s always great to play a new venue,” says lead singer of Galvanized Souls, Zakk Silveira.

Rust Magazine describes Galvanized Souls as being  an ‘earthquake, hurricane and tornado of rock and roll all in one’ all on gear they make themselves. ‘It’s kind of like when the A-team gets locked into a garage and they come out with a monster truck all decked out with guns and flamethrowers and catapults and stuff!’ 

Galvanized Souls are celebrating a phenomenally successful month with the release of their single CARRY ON and a multitude of features including USA TodayDetroit Free Press and Guitar World.

Make sure you’re in attendance as GALVANIZED SOULS head to RUSTY’S SURF RANCH in Santa Monica on Friday, July 18th at 11:45pm.

Ventura County Star Gives Thumbs Up To Galvanized Souls’ CARRY ON


Yesterday the Ventura County Star featured local rockers Galvanized Souls and highlighted the phenomenal success of their latest single, CARRY ON. Garnering over 88,000 views in less than 3 weeks, the video for CARRY ON has become an anthem for the nation to combat bullying. In the story, Zakk Silveira, lead singer of Galvanized Souls says, “We have been bullied as a band, so we knew that bullying is everywhere and that this is a problem that needs to stop.”

Galvanized Souls will be playing this Saturday, July 12, at Dizdar Park in the Camarillo Fiesta at 6:45 PM. Admission is free and open to all ages.

 Galvanized Souls as being an ‘earthquake, hurricane and tornado of rock and roll all in one’ all on gear they make themselves. ‘It’s kind of like when the A-team gets locked into a garage and they come out with a monster truck all decked out with guns and flamethrowers and catapults and stuff!   Rust Magazine

Check out the official video of ‘Carry On’ below:

Full article below:
Members of the Ventura County band Galvanized Souls have succeeded in their efforts to highlight the problem of bullying thanks to their new high-energy music video called “Carry On.”
Band members, who hail from Somis and Camarillo, say the song was created as an anthem against bullying to help victims through tough times.  The band will play at the Camarillo Fiesta from 6:45-7:45, Saturday at Dizdar Park.
“The idea for the song and video came about as we noticed some of our fans posting about being gullied or resorting to self-harm, “ said Zakk Silveira, 16, the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the band.  “We have been bullied as a band, so we knew that bullying is everywhere and that this is a problem that needs to stop.”
The video for the single was released in mid-June and has garnered more than 80,000 views.
Band members- who include Chris Traylor, 19, lead guitarist and backup vocalist; Matt DeMartini, 15, bassist and backup vocalist; and Kevin Cogen, 20, drummer – wanted to bring light to the problem of bullying though a video.
They found inspiration in the story of Colin Cunningham, an 11-year-old from Richland, Mich., who rose to Facebook fame after his mother created a page to celebrate his birthday and gather support for her son, who has been bullied since first grade.
Traylor said he was impressed by Colin’s resilience – “pushing on despite the pressures at school.”
“Like Colin, we want people to take a stand, stay strong and carry on with their lives, “ he said.
The video was recorded over two days a t Civic Center Studios in Los Angeles.  The band members, who played in the Vans Warped Tour in June, said the video was one of their greatest accomplishments as a band.
The video begins in black and white, showing Colin struggling to sleep as images of snickering classmates chucking scrunched-up lunch bags at him flash across the screen.
As the band plays, Colin’s mother, Jennifer Cunningham, is shown creating the Facebook page, and harassment gives way to compassion – symbolized when her son sees a wall with more than 2,000 photos of well-wishers from around the world.
Cunningham was hesitant to participate in a music video, but she knew her son would love the experience.
“Before this all happened, he had been bugging me for years to get him in commercials and movies, so he was excited,” she said. “I had to research the band, and as soon as they told me mothers were involved in this, I was on board.”
The “bullies” in the video were played by kids from Camarillo, and they made Colin feel appreciated during the recording of the video, said Cunningham, who considers everyone involved in the video her family on the West Coast.
She said watching the portrayals of bullying in the video made her choke up, but she was heartened by the positive feedback it has received.
“People are touched by it,” she said. “Some want to use it in schools to show students about bullying.”
Somis resident Ann DeMartini, and the band’s co-manager and mother of Matt, had the Cunningham family flown to Los Angeles for recording in May.
“It was during a horrible heat wave,” DeMartini said, “and yet Colin’s family turned down several offers for special things to do by DreamWorks, the Los Angeles Police Department and others because they were committed to us and making the music video.”
Silveira said while the video has stirred up support for Colin and other bullied youths, he doesn’t expect the video to end bullying.
“The video made people feel a wide range of emotions,” he said.  “We hope it helps change attitudes and shows the bullied that there are people who care about them.”

Galvanized Souls Rock The Troubadour This Saturday


Galvanized Souls join modern hard rockers, Against the Ordinary, at the Troubadour for a live show this patriotic holiday weekend.  The alternative rock/grunge group is scheduled to perform at 7:20 PM on Saturday.  Other bands recently added to the lineup include Betty Moon, Forty Feet Tall, Once a Wolf and Violet.

“We have a lot of respect for Against the Ordinary and are happy to join them at a great venue like the Troubadour,” says lead singer of Galvanized Souls, Zakk Silveira.

Rust Magazine describes Galvanized Souls as being  an ‘earthquake, hurricane and tornado of rock and roll all in one’ all on gear they make themselves.

‘It’s kind of like when the A-team gets locked into a garage and they come out with a monster truck all decked out with guns and flamethrowers and catapults and stuff!’  

Galvanized Souls are celebrating a phenomenally successful month with the release of their single CARRY ON and a multitude of features including USA Today, Detroit Free Press and Guitar World.  They also performed a very special acoustic set at LA’s Covenant House Friday, June 27.  

Check out Galvanized Souls’ Carry On video below:


TI Exclusive: Galvanized Souls Launch “Carry On” Video Event — Photos Here!!


Galvanized Souls celebrated the release of their new music video “Carry On” starring Facebook sensation Colin Cunningham of Colin’s Friends to bring awareness to help stop bullying in schools. Our reporter Crystal Ng was in attendance at the event on June 17th at Mack Sennett Studios.

Major anti-bullying organizations such as PACER, Not In Our Schools, I am Bully Free, Not the Target, Champions Against Bullying and Beyond Bullies all supported the event. The event ended with a performance from the talented Galvanized Souls.

Below you can view our exclusive images from the event!

Southern California Band’s Video Launch Garners Over 13,000 YOUTUBE Views in Hours


Here are what people are saying about CARRY ON today…

This should anti-bullying video for the world.

-Sarah McDonald (Facebook Comment)

Great video with a strong message.

-Sheri Sterling (Facebook Comment)

Way to bring rock back.

– Steve Michalek (Youtube Comment)

The fact that Colin and his family showing the world first hand what thousands of kids go through everyday is amazing.

-Amy Saponare (Facebook Comment)

Read full article in USA TODAY here.

Join us for Galvanized Souls & Colin video launch party tonight at
Mack Sennett Studios
1215 Bates Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90029
7:00 PM Red Carpet
8:00 PM Video launch and Galvanized Souls’ performance


Check out the official video for ‘Carry On’ below:

When Is Disneynature’s Bears Going On Blu-ray?! — Find Out Here!


Get ready for an epic journey to the Alaskan wilderness without leaving home as Disneynature’s Bears releases on Blu-ray Combo Pack on August 12th! A portion of first-week sales will be donated to the National Park Foundation as part of the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund to Protect Wildlife and Wild Places.

Bonus features include the music video for “Carry On” featuring Olivia Holt and four making-of featurettes.

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