What’s The First Thing Riley McDonough Does When He Gets Back Home!?

Well he get’s coffee of course! Riley McDonough tweeted the above photo with this caption:

“Made it home and I got coffee”

After an amazing and life changing weekend like the one Riley and the rest of Before You Exit had; a cup of joe sounds like a good idea.

After performing in Vegas at the iHeartRadio Festival, the boys have landed safely home and are ready for at least a day of some R&R!


Happy Birthday To Before You Exit’s Riley McDonough!

Today is Riley McDonough’s birthday, the middle of the McDonough boys and lead singer for their band Before You Exit!

Riley posted this photo to his twitter earlier, the details of his birth 19 years ago today!

*queue millions of girls sighing ‘awww’*

Happy 19th Birthday Riley, from all of us here at TI! Welcome to the land of, ‘only 2 years until I’m legal!!’

BYE Cuter Than You’ve Ever Seen Them!

Today, July 27, Before You Exit posted a throw back photo to Instagram.  The photo, above, is obviously before their tour days and the smiles that Connor, Riley and baby Toby wear are as cute as ever.  You can already see there adorable personalities even way back when!

What BIG Announcement Does Before You Exit Have For You? — Find Out Here!

before you exitBefore You Exit has just made a huge announcement on Twitter and we’re sure all you Exit fans will be excited to hear it! What’s the announcement? Tour? New song? Or even an album or music video? See what it is below!

There we have it, BYE fanatics! A brand new hit single, “Heart Like California”, is on its way to be released on July 18th! Will you be ready for it?

BYE Join 5H On Stage In Indianapolis! — Video Here!


Tonight, June 28, 5th Harmony performed in Indianapolis, Indiana and opening act, Before You Exit, joined the girl group on stage!  Before You Exit’s Riley McDonough posted the video below to his Instagram!


TI Exclusive: Before You Exit!

Saturday, June 22, TI got the chance to sit down and talk with Before You Exit; a band of three brothers from Orlando, Florida who are currently touring with Fifth Harmony.  The band consists of the McDonough brothers Connor, 20; Riley, 18; and Toby, 16; their drummer Thomas Silver, and bass player Ryan Wheeler.  The boys write their own music and have been at it for years.

On Saturday, Fifth Harmony and Before You Exit were in Deer Park, New York for a free concert at the Tanger Outlets. The day was complete and utter chaos after playing at Macy’s in New Jersey, having to cancel a meet and greet in New Jersey and then fighting with traffic on the way to the venue, it was a wonder the boys had the time to sit down and talk to me.

How is touring with your brothers?

Toby: It’s fun!

Connor: Of course it has its ups and downs, for sure.  Way more ups than downs.

Riley: Way more ups!

Connor: Like every band, there are always stupid arguments and stuff.

Being on tour, what is one thing you miss the most about being home?

Riley: Our Dog

Toby: My Bed

Connor: Our beds and dog.

What is your dog’s name?

All Three: Tank

What’s your favorite part about being on tour?

Connor: Favorite part is getting to hang with our buddies all day, like our whole crew and getting to meet all the fans.

Riley: Obviously, we all love performing on stage.  It’s cool because it’s like a whole new environment every night so, like, a ton of fun every night.

Who has been your favorite person to tour with so far? 

Toby: You!

Connor: You, yeah!

(Thanks boys!) 

Riley: Everybody has been amazing, a lot of different acts…obviously we have our own fan base, but other acts have other people they bring in.  Like we have toured with other people that have had a lot of older fans, a lot of younger fans and for us it’s always cool to experience the different vibes.

Would you rather perform in front of the older or the younger crowds?

Connor: Definitely both, but the younger crowds are louder.

Toby: All crowds are fun!

When did you guys start performing? 

Toby: We started acting.

Riley: We started acting actually, we put on our own plays and stuff and it kind of just transitioned over time.  Like you get your first guitar for Christmas.  Connor was the first to pick it up and we followed along right in his footsteps. And then the three of us just started jamming.

When did you decide to start the band? 

Connor: Well, I had actually started a band before.

Riley: It was put together for a school talent show in like the fifth grade.

Connor: And that ended up not working out, and then at the time they were both too young so I started the name with another friend and then over time the whole thing just kind of came together.

Toby: But the first time we wanted to do it was when we did this cover of “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction.

Connor/Riley: Yeah!

Toby: And then we were like, yeah this feels right!

What inspires the music you write? 

Connor: Everything, just little things that we go through.  It really just depends on the song.

Riley: Or other people’s stories, anything really. You can be inspired on a plane, flying at eighteen hundred miles.  Just the thought of an idea or something you want to write about.

Are there any bands that inspire the type of music you want to play?

Toby: Any kind of band.

Connor: All kinds of stuff.  Really just anything, pop, pop country.

Riley: Dance, funk.

Connor: We literally draw from all over the place.

Random question: if you could pack up and fly tonight after the show, where would you go?

Connor: Probably the UK.  I like Europe.

Riley: France.

Connor: That’s in Europe.

Riley: Hawaii, just chill out on a beach.

Toby: Or home.  Or a private beach!

Is it hard to be away from home? 

Connor: Not really.

Riley: For me, it like you switch life styles. We were at home like two days ago just hanging out and you fly on a plane and you are automatically back on tour.  For me, once I’m on tour I feel like I’ve been on tour for a long time and once I’m home I feel like I’ve been at home.  I adjust really fast.

In your free time on tour, what do you guys do? 

Connor: hang out, movies, bowling.

Toby: Paintball.

Riley: Swim as much as we can.

Connor: Hot tub. Whatever we can do, depends on the day.

Who would you like to tour with next?

Connor: We would love to tour with out buddies, The Vamps. Or 5 Seconds of Summer.

Riley: Maroon 5.

Connor: One Direction. Any of those guys really.

Anything up and coming for you guys? 

Connor: We have a lot of new music on the way.  We’ve been in the studio, we’ve been writing.

Anything else you want to tell us?  You want to tell your fans?

Toby:  I like cheese!

Riley: Toby likes cheese, and, I guess, thanks for reading!

Connor: Thanks!

A killer way to end an interview, if you ask me!  After our interview I was able to stick around and hear them play; I had never even heard of them but after spending some time with them and hearing them play, I can say that I am definitely a BYE fan now! Keep an eye out for these boys because they are definitely here to stay!

You can get the boys latest single “Dangerous” on iTunes and watch out for them in Macy’s iHeartRadio Rising Star contest: they are currently in 1st place! (you can vote here)

Go Vote Before You Exit For Macy’s IHeartRadio Rising Star!

Before You Exit, band of brothers from Orlando, FL, is in first place for Macy’s IHeartRadio Rising Star Contest! Keep them in first by voting here!

Check Out Before You Exit’s Cover Of John Legend’s “All Of Me” — Watch Now!

before you exitThe boys of Before You Exit not only sang their own wonderful songs during The Dangerous Tour, they also covered songs of a few other artists. One of the songs they covered on tour was John Legend’s “All Of Me”. It was so great to them, they felt the need to create their own version just for YouTube.

So, get yourself relaxed and check out the cover of “All Of Me” by BYE below!

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