Hollywoods Newest Bromance: Zac Efron + Robert Pattinson!

It’s always really cool when celebrities are spotted hanging out with other celebrities!  The newest pair are Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson, who were spotted at a nightclub in Studio City, CA!  Cosmopolitan Magazine has dubbed the two as ZefPattz, which is an awesome mixed name, and I have to agree that this is a great friendship!

This is the picture taken of the two outside of the nightclub.  Zac’s smile hints that the two had a great night out with friends!

Harry Styles Supports Pal Zach Braff At Sundance Premiere Of ‘Wish I Was Here’ — See All The Pics!

Harry Styles + Zach Braff

They’re hilarious on Twitter together, they had a romantic candlelit dinner at the Mermaid Oyster Bar in New York City back in December, and now? Less than a day after his reported date with Kendall Jenner at the Eagles concert at the Forum in Inglewood, Harry Styles hopped a flight from Los Angeles to Park City, Utah on Saturday (January 18th) to support Zach Braff at the premiere of his Kickstarter-funded film Wish I Was Here! We think it’s safe to say the bromance is now official.

Not only did Harry come out to attend the screening at the Marc Theatre, he also posed on the red carpet with Zach, Zach’s (other) BFF Donald Faison, and others involved in the film, from producers to the composer! He even tweeted out his personal review afterward:

Despite his case of “sweaty eyes,” Harry seemed to be in good spirits and was happy to take pictures with people who approached as well. You can check out pictures of Harry on the red carpet, leaving the premiere, and a bunch of great selfies with fans in the gallery below now:

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