Noah Cyrus Breaks Her Right Arm – See Her SeriouslyCyrus Video Message Here! @noahcyrus @SeriouslyCyrus

noahA little over a week ago, Noah Cyrus shared that she had broken her collarbone. Now, Noah revealed in her video that she uploaded to the new Seriously Cyrus YouTube Channel that she has broken her arm! Along with the video, she wrote:

“I broke my arm! So I couldn’t edit this video…lol enjoy!”

She broke her arm after she fell but she doesn’t mention how she fell. Now, Noah has only one hand to use and it’s her lefty! In case you didn’t do know, Noah is not left-handed so doing those every day tasks are a little more difficult. That’s why she couldn’t even edit her own video! She also said that she is in quite a lot of pain but who wouldn’t be after you break a bone?!

Check out what else Noah had to say by checking out her video below and let us know what you think by commenting!

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