VIDEO: Brad & James Of The Vamps Cover “Pumped Up Kicks” By Foster The People!

vampsThe Vamps are keeping their fans happy with many music opportunities whether it be a new single, music video, snippets or even a new cover. And that’s just what Brad and James of The Vamps did recently. The guys did a duet, singing live from a cable car covering the hit single “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People!

Check out the awesomeness below!

Get To Know More About The Vamps’ Brad With VEVO LIFT! – Watch Here!


Thanks to all the awesome videos courtesy of VEVO LIFT, we are able to get to know more about our favorite groups and their members. In an all new video of VEVO LIFT, we are getting to know more about Brad from The Vamps. In his video, Brad talks about how much he enjoys to spend time at the state park when he is not singing or performing.

Her also shares some stories about his life growing up. Be sure to check out everything he had to say by watching the video below!

Brad From The Vamps Covers Shawn Mendes’s “Life Of The Party”–Watch Here!!!

Brad Simpson

Released on June 27th by Shawn Mendes, the song has been successful. Including performing the song on national television, Shawn Mendes was able to get the song on top of iTunes thanks to the help of his faithful fans.

Brad Simpson, a band  member of The Vamps covered the song, and released it in form of music video via YouTube yesterday! Make sure to watch it below and tells us what you think of it!

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