5SOS Hangs Out With The Red Sox!

Today, August 9, the boys of 5 Seconds of Summer headed over to Fenway Park in Boston Massachusetts and spend the day with Wally the green monster! Tonight was the last of three shows at the Gillette Stadium for the Where We Are Tour in Boston and the boys of 5SOS along with 1D will now be headed to Washington, D.C for their show on Monday August 11!

Being internationally known would be amazing, I mean look at all the cool stuff these boys get to do!

What would you do if you were famous!? Sound off in the comments below!

Luke Hemmings Of 5SOS Is ‘The Cereal Man?!’

Today, August 7, 5 Seconds of Summer uploaded the picture above to their band account. Apparently, the three boys have dubbed youngest member, Luke Hemmings, ‘The Cereal Man.’  I guess they send one member to the wolves, well the band of girls that seems to follow them wherever they go, to go pick up some cereal.

As long as the giant blonde Australian got back to the room safely!

The four boys are currently with One Direction in Boston, Massachusetts getting ready for the sixth show of the North American Where We Are Tour while they sell out arenas around the world for their first headlining tour set for next summer!

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