Alli Simpson’s Got Love On The Brain…Love Songs That Is! Find Out Her Top 5 With Disney Playlist!

alli“All you need is love, love…Love is all you need”… Okay, we’ll stop singing now! But love is the topic of the day right now! At least right now.

In honor of Valentine’s week, Alli Simpson of Radio Disney’s The Alli Simpson Show, shared her top five favorite classic love songs with Disney Playlist! Wanna know what they are? You can find out by heading to her guest blog HERE!

While you’re at it, let US know what your favorite love songs are!

Jordan JAE Unveils New Single “Hopping Fences” With Blog, ‘You, Me & Charlie’!

jordan jae

Fifteen-year-old singer-songwriter, Jordan JAE, has made quite a name for herself in 2014 with the release of her two powerful original singles, “Said No One Ever” (co-written and produced by Grammy nominated duo Kinetics & One Love)and “Makin Me Crazy.” The New York City-based teen has also been gaining ground with her YouTube cover video series where she’s covered a diverse playlist of artists including Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry, The Beatles and more. Today Jordan JAE is ready to release her latest creation and has teamed up with You, Me and Charlie, a music blog created by Glee’s Dianna Agron, to officially unveil her brand new single, “Hopping Fences”. The single, co-written and produced by Chris Petrosino and Rob McCurdy (a.k.a. Noise Club), showcases Jordan JAE’s rapidly maturing songwriting while taking her a bit more into the indie-pop realm. When asked about the inspiration behind the song, Jordan JAE shared,

“As a teen we often feel misunderstood and are frustrated by the inability of our parents to understand us.  There are times when we just blindly stumble through life not truly understanding what’s expected of us.  We’re constantly told that we are either to young to understand, or that we need to grow up and learn to deal.  As a result we can feel fenced in and unsure of ourselves.  I know I do.  This song is about jumping over that fence, secure in ourselves and ready to take on life and everything it has to throw at us.”

Go ahead and take a listen at “Hopping Fences” at You, Me & Charlie‘s blog right HERE!

What Stylish Clothes & Accessories Is On Alli Simpson’s Winter Wish List? Find Out!

alliB-r-rrr!! The winter weather continues to be upon us, but you won’t allow a bit of a winter chill hold you back from leaving your house, right? Especially when you can do it in style? Alli Simpson, of Radio Disney’s The Alli Simpson Show, definitely doesn’t let the cold stop her and she can does with a smile and a fantastic style!

Wanna know what’s on Alli Simpson’s Winter Wish list this year? Check out what she’s loving as she shares her cool fashion wants with Disney Style! I know I purchased my eyelashes from here and am looking forward to her next accessory picks! Check out this week’s blog right HERE!

What Are Alli Simpson’s Top 8 Songs She Can’t Get Enough Of?

alli simpsonThere’s always going to be those special songs you can’t help but listen on repeat over and over again, right? Well, Alli Simpson‘s the same way! The “Guilty” singer shared a list of her top eight favorite hits that she can’t get enough of with Disney Playlist that includes “Sledgehammer” by Fifth Harmony and “Somebody To You” by The Vamps!

Check out her playlist on her blog with Disney Playlist HERE!

Hey! Tell us what your top 8 fave singles are!

Amazing! Alli Simpson’s Got Another Blog! — Details Here!

Radio Disney's Family VIP BirthdayWow! Alli Simpson sure is amazing, isn’t she? This Australian beauty certainly has her work cut out for her! We know she’s been working on music and has become a Friday night Radio Disney personality! Recently, we also learned that she’s got a weekly blog with Disney Playlist!

So, we’re not surprised that her “Fashion Friday” talk with Radio Disney now has her guest blogging with Disney Style! Alli definitely takes the fashion world by storm with her beautiful styles!

Want to check out her first guest blog with Disney Style? All you need to do is go HERE!

Alli Simpson’s Got A New Blog With Disney Playlist! Check It Out!

alli simpsonAlli Simpson is simply amazing! This awesome girl has went from helping fans shed pounds and making music to having her own show on Radio Disney! Now, Alli’s ready to sit down at her computer weekly to share some great blogs with you on Disney Playlist!

Have you seen her first blog yet? You can check it out on Disney Playlist right HERE!

“AWE” MOMENT: Nick & Vanessa Lachey Welcome Second Child, Brooklyn!

vanessa lacheyNick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey happily announced the arrival of their second bundle of joy, Brooklyn Elisabeth,  via Vanessa’s website! Vanessa states happily on her blog:

“She’s HERE!!!! Nick, Camden and I are SO excited to announce the birth of our sweet, beautiful baby girl, Brooklyn Elisabeth Lachey! She was born January 5th, 2015 at 5:17pm. She weighed in at 7 pounds 15 ounces, is 21 inches long and has already won over all of our hearts.”

Brooklyn’s first ever picture was even shared public on Vanessa’s Instagram. Well, sort of. Go ahead and check it out below!

Congratulations, Nick and Vanessa!

Vanessa Hudgens Shares Pilates Tips On Her New Blog Post!


Vanessa Hudgens
knows how to keep fit and active while still having fun, (just look at those abs of steel!), and now you can learn how to do the same thanks to Vanessa’s new October 13th blog post! Check out some of Vanessa’s best Pilates tips and learn more about how Vanessa likes to exercise below. She writes,

“Pilates is one of my favorite ways to stay active and keep those muscles toned and tight! Here’s a lil 411… similar to yoga, Pilates focuses on improving flexibility and building strength. It’s a killer workout that’s great for developing your endurance, posture, muscles, balance… the list goes on!! A Pilates routine typically includes 25 to 50 repetitive exercises (seems like a lot, but it TOTALLY pays off). The work you put in, always comes out! Xo

Benefits of Pilates:

  • Improved core strength & stability
  • Improved posture & balance
  • Body Awareness
  • Improved flexibility
  • Prevention & treatment of back pain”

…as well as by checking out her personal blog for a beginners video that she suggested HERE!

Ashley Tisdale’s “Giveback Tuesday” Features ‘Project Angel Food!’ – Learn More Here!

Ashley Tisdale takes time out from her busy schedule every Tuesday to share special projects, charities, and ways for fans to help give back to their communities and the world. This week, Ashley took to her blog to post about the wonderful program ‘Project Angel Food.’

Ashley says, This Tuesday, I’d like to bring awareness to Project Angel Food. Their mission is to feed and nourish patients battling critical illness. Help feed the lives of those in need. HERE are some ways to give back. :)”

How sweet! We think that giving back to those less fortunate is so important to do in our world today. If you can, please keep Ashley’s suggestion in mind and make a donation to “PAF.”

Way to go, Ashley!

What is your favorite way to give back? Let us know in the comment box below!

Vanessa Hudgens Has A Blast At ‘FYF’ Festival In LA!

v1Vanessa Hudgens had a blast at the Los Angeles, CA based festival “FYF.” Vanessa took to her blog to write about her experience, share photos, and even let fans in on her favorite musical acts from the event.

Vanessa says, “FYF Fest 2014. Such an INCREDIBLE day spent at FYF Fest! Chillin in places no one else did and listening to music from some of my faves!!! The line up was killer! #LOVE 😻😻😻 Listen to my FYF faves on my Spotify! ;)”

What is your favorite song on Vanessa’s Spotify player? Check out more photos of Vanessa at FYF below!

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