Justin Bieber Meets Fans At ‘The Grove’ In LA


Justin Bieber took a trip to The Grove outdoor mall in Los Angeles, California today and he event met some fans along the way.

Justin took to Twitter afterwards to share some kind words with the fans he ran into. Justin tweets, “To all the fans i just met at the grove…I love you. #beliebers” How nice!

Check out a video of some Beliebers with “Bieber Fever” waving to Justin there below!

Happy Birthday, Justin Bieber @justinbieber

justinbiebs Justin Bieber is now, officially, 2o-years-old today (March 1st)! This must be a happy day for Justin and all of his Beliebers out there who love and support him nonstop, especially on a day like today!

What do you think Justin would like for the big day, Beliebers? For him, he wishes for you to “give back” on his birthday. A couple days ago, he tweeted:

Beliebers, will you celebrate his birthday by giving back? Let him know what you are doing! He’ll love to hear from you!

Justin, we wish you a very Happy Birthday from us all here at TeenInfonet! Hope your day is full of fun and joy!

Justin Bieber’s ‘Believe Movie’ Is Now Available For Pre-Order!!


For those of you who missed Justin’s Believe Movie in theaters, your wait is almost over — his movie is now available for pre-order on iTunes. And if being the first one of your friends to have a copy of the movie wasn’t incentive enough; when you pre-order you’ll be the first to see all the extra-footage that didn’t make the big screen. Justin tweeted, “Preorder #believemovie and get all the extra footage. Much love”.

Pre-order Justin’s Believe Movie on iTunes here.

Justin Bieber Trying To Clean Up His Act @justinbieber


Justin Bieber may be trying to clean up his acts. After couple of weeks of bad behavior, the singer is finally seeing doing something good. In a tweet he shared with his 49.4 millions of followers, Justin appears to be playing ball with a small child.

In the post, he wrote “Together we can change the world .”

Hopefully, this is the start of a new phase in Justin’s life. We are sure his “Beliebers” will appreciate this kind of acts more then his problems with the law.

Well done Justin!

Justin Bieber Sends Out A Message To His Fans On Social Media – Check It Out Here! @justinbieber

justinJustin Bieber was arrested in Miami Beach on Thursday, January 23rd for several charges. After much coverage from media and both backlash on social media, Justin’s fans continued to show his love and support for the star. Even his manager, Scooter Braun, was supportive of Justin in this period of chaos.

After the whole situation, Justin was M.I.A (missing in action) for a while on social media. However, just yesterday, he made his first post on Twitter – a picture of himself along with an old photo of Michael Jackson right outside the Miami Beach jail. Finally, he reached out to his fans on Twitter by sending a heartfelt message: He tweeted:

Justin seems to never forget about his Beliebers. They will also be there for him as he will try to always be there for them. Let us know what you think about Justin reaching out to his fans by commenting!

Justin Bieber Leaves His Mark On South Beach


Justin was spotted in Miami with his dad and friends hanging out at the beach. And in typical paparazzi fashion, they “swarmed” him taking tons of pictures of his every movement. But Justin didn’t let them put a damper on his day, he rode around on a segway, enjoyed the view at the beach and even took pictures with some of his Beliebers.

Justin was quick to ditch the pap for a little more privacy — he visited Lil Wayne’s indoor skatepark to hone his board skills.

Check out the some of the videos of Justin’s skate session here. Session pt.1 , Session pt.2, Session pt.3, and Session pt.4

Check out some the pictures from JB’s day on South Beach.


Justin Bieber’s Beliebers Defend Him

justinJustin Bieber has quite a few faithful fans who call themselves “Beliebers.” Even after police searched his home and found cocaine, and the whole egging-the-neighbor incident, they are standing by his side. Check out some of their tweets:

justin fansWill you Tweet for Justin?

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