Jake Miller’s Bagged Up

7abb14a8a70311e3a04a12011bcf227e_8No matter how many silly faces or pics Jake Miller presents to us, this one has to top them all! The singer is giving us quite a huge laugh, but at the same time exposing some six-packed eye candy for our viewing pleasure, holding his guitar close next to him. To think he topped off this sexy body pic with a brown paper bag covering his face with the tweeted message “No caption needed”. Does it bring the quality of the pic down? Not sure, but either way, at least he’s smiling which is an important part of a quality picture!

Wesley Stromberg Is ABS-olutely Fit

Bh8QequIAAA-C7AWesley Stromberg of the trio Emblem3, while currently on their #bandlife tour in Florida, stops to take a moment and show off some spectacularly sculpted abs and arms. For him, he has the fitness guru Tony Morris to thank for his gorgeously fit build and he does it with a smile on his face. Betting you Emblems are thoroughly scanning the pic above, though there’s a chance this isn’t being read right now either.

How do you stay fit? Share some of your secrets with us!

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