What Special Announcement Does Emblem3 Have To Tell Us?

emblem3When Emblem3 shared the finale of their #bandlife Tour series on Twitter, they said  “It’s not the end…because we have a special announcement coming soon”. Whatever their announcement is, it will be announced some time next week.

What could it possibly be? New music? Another tour, perhaps? We have no idea, but keep checking back with us when we find out!

Emblem3: #Bandlife Episode 8 — Watch Now!

emblem3In the latest episode of #bandlife, we follow the guys as they tour through Kansas City, Anaheim and Nashville. The episode features a great glimpse of before their show in Kansas City followed by the amazing concert. Then they head out to Nashville where they roll out in the skate park with an Emblem3 contest winner as Drew decides to monkey around in the trees. In Anaheim, watch as they shred dirt on their dirt bikes!

This is an awesome episode you don’t want to miss seeing and we know you Emblems wouldn’t want to! So, check it all out below and tell us your favorite part!

Emblem3 Interviews With Steve Serrano During #Bandlife Tour — Watch Now!

emblem3While in the midst of their #bandlife Tour, Emblem3 sat down with Steve Serrano, a local host in Kansas City for KCWE-TV’s Sessions with Steve Serrano. As they sit in the auditorium of Northwest Missouri State University for the interview, they speak about what their tour life has been like so far, the lessons learned from touring with Selena Gomez and more.

We know you want to see the interview, so here you go! Sit back and enjoy it below!


Emblem3: Get Your #Bandlife Merchandise Before It’s Gone

emblem3Do all you Emblems have the #bandlife merchandise you want? If you don’t, Emblem3 says you should make sure you get it while supplies do last.

To get your merch, head to the official online shop and get your piece of #bandlife today!

Emblem3: #Bandlife Episode 6 — Watch Now

emblem 3#bandlife episode 6 is in your grasp, Emblems! Check out the new episode where they’re caught up in touring Maryland and Georgia! See them all out behind the scenes from getting ready for the concerts to meet and greets to the VIP Q & A! But, wait! Does someone seriously get a haircut on stage? Find out by watching the video below and telling us what you think of it!

Emblem3: #Bandlife Episode 5 — Watch It Here

emblem 3It hasn’t been too long since the last #bandlife episode, but to Emblems, it must feel like forever. Wait no longer as episode 5 of #bandlife has arrived for your viewing! In this new episode, they hit the Northeast in Connecticut, New Jersey, Boston and New York City where they meet some overly excited crowds!

Get yourselves comfortable and check out #bandlife episode 5 below!

Emblem3: The End Of #Bandlife Tour

emblem3 Emblem3 officially ended their #bandlife tour last night (March 15th) in Los Angeles, California. With the night’s end, the entire band crew, with Emblem3, took their final bow, saying goodbye to the #bandlife. Drew Chadwick, a member of the group, says on his Instagram: “Great band. Great fans. Great life. #BandLife lives on forever”

Yes it will as long as Emblem3 continues forward! Congratulations on a great tour! Tell us about your own #bandlife experience because we’d love to hear about it!

Emblem3: #Bandlife Episode 4 — See Video Here

emblem 3Emblem3 certainly gets these videos out in no time flat! Episode 4 of their #bandlife series is all set and ready for you Emblems to check out!

In this current episode of #bandlife, they hit up the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia along with Toronto! So check out their video below and enjoy!

Emblem3: #Bandlife Episode 3 — See Video Inside

emblem 3The trio is back with another #bandlife episode for all you Emblems out there. Catch them in episode 3 of #bandlife as they perform in Indianapolis, Indiana, then head north to Montreal, Quebec! Enjoy the video below!

Emblem3: Sick Skate Session

8d694a10a65011e3972a0e52a5db715e_8Emblem3 had a sick skating session at the skate park yesterday (March 7th) with the Musicians on Call grand prize winner Courtney Watson, shown in the pic above with one clothed and two shirtless band members! She was invited along, the guys teaching her how to skate.

Courtney was one of many donators who donated money to Musicians on Call to receive entries into the Nashville prize of hanging with the trio and catching their #bandlife concert. All monies received are put to good use for Musicians on Call who work with your favorite artists to share the healing power of music with patients in hospitals.

Congratulations, Courtney, and we hope you enjoyed yourself!

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