Emblem3: #Bandlife Finale — Watch Now!

emblem3You’ve enjoyed every single episode of #bandlife from Emblem3, but the series finale has finally come. The #bandlife tour series they’ve been sharing with everyone ends at nine episodes.

The newest episode of #bandlife shows the guys on the Fox 10 morning performing “Sunset Blvd” with a private skate session at Ryan Sheckers afterward. Then we follow them to the Nokia Center back home in Los Angeles as they perform their final #bandlife concert and more.

So, sit back and enjoy the finale from Emblem3 below. Happy viewing!



Emblem3: #Bandlife Episode 7 — Watch Now!

emblem3Emblems, wait no longer as Emblem3 has finally released their newest episode of #bandlife! Episode 7  takes you into their #bandlife tour in “Charlotte & Florida”.

This episode features some limo headbanging and Drew parting some wisdom to Emblems. The boys decide to take some time out and do some wake boarding, too. One of the best parts of this episode includes Drew diving out into in the crowd during one of the concert snippets!

So, have a seat and watch the newest episode of #bandlife below!

Emblem3: #Bandlife Episode 6 — Watch Now

emblem 3#bandlife episode 6 is in your grasp, Emblems! Check out the new episode where they’re caught up in touring Maryland and Georgia! See them all out behind the scenes from getting ready for the concerts to meet and greets to the VIP Q & A! But, wait! Does someone seriously get a haircut on stage? Find out by watching the video below and telling us what you think of it!

Emblem3: #Bandlife Episode 5 — Watch It Here

emblem 3It hasn’t been too long since the last #bandlife episode, but to Emblems, it must feel like forever. Wait no longer as episode 5 of #bandlife has arrived for your viewing! In this new episode, they hit the Northeast in Connecticut, New Jersey, Boston and New York City where they meet some overly excited crowds!

Get yourselves comfortable and check out #bandlife episode 5 below!

Emblem3: The End Of #Bandlife Tour

emblem3 Emblem3 officially ended their #bandlife tour last night (March 15th) in Los Angeles, California. With the night’s end, the entire band crew, with Emblem3, took their final bow, saying goodbye to the #bandlife. Drew Chadwick, a member of the group, says on his Instagram: “Great band. Great fans. Great life. #BandLife lives on forever”

Yes it will as long as Emblem3 continues forward! Congratulations on a great tour! Tell us about your own #bandlife experience because we’d love to hear about it!

Emblem3: #Bandlife Episode 4 — See Video Here

emblem 3Emblem3 certainly gets these videos out in no time flat! Episode 4 of their #bandlife series is all set and ready for you Emblems to check out!

In this current episode of #bandlife, they hit up the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia along with Toronto! So check out their video below and enjoy!

Wesley Stromberg: Anaheim Ready

wesley strombergEmblem3 is back in California with their #bandlife tour and Wesley Stromberg is up on stage raring to go in Anaheim, California. They’ll be playing at the City National Grove tonight there in Anaheim. The young singer looks great as usual with a sporty look, guitar strum-ready.

He tweets: “Back back to Cali Cali 😎 haha Anaheim are you ready!?!”

Like Wesley asked, are you ready?

Emblem3: #Bandlife Episode 3 — See Video Inside

emblem 3The trio is back with another #bandlife episode for all you Emblems out there. Catch them in episode 3 of #bandlife as they perform in Indianapolis, Indiana, then head north to Montreal, Quebec! Enjoy the video below!

Emblem3: UK Fans Gear Up For News On Monday

emblem 3Hey, UK fans of Emblem3! We want you guys to know that your favorite group, Emblem3, has some news to share with you guys on Monday. We’re not exactly sure what, but we have an inkling from what they put on their tweet on Twitter.

By that hashtag, they have some news about a UK tour coming your way! So keep checking in with us for future details around Monday March 10th!

Emblem3: Episode 2 Of #Bandlife — Check It Out Inside

emblem 3Emblem3 has dished out the second episode of their #bandlife series. This time they are giving you a look of their tour in Minneapolis, Milwaukee and Chicago! So, check out it out below and send feedback on the video’s original site!

Have you been to see a #bandlife concert yet? Tell us your experience!

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