Toby McDonough Shows Off His New Singing Technique — Watch!

before you exitToby McDonough (pictured middle), one of the three brothers of Before You Exit, has taken his singing to a whole new level! And that level would be Level: “Helium”! This brother shows off his new singing technique in a very funny Vine while he sings the popular classic song “Lollipop”!

Check it out below and be ready to have a good laugh!

Dallas Lovato Shares Adorbs Photo On Instagram About Missing Her Sister (Demi!)

Dallas Lovato, yes the equally as gorgeous sister of Demi Lovato, posted an adorable photo to her Instagram account last night (Aug. 29th).

The photo is of a balloon and is addressed to her sister.  It reads:

“Demi I love you almost as much as this balloon is obnoxious! Okay…MORE! Love Dallas”

It’s so cute to see these two sisters sharing the love.  The two will be separated for some time as Demi is about to kickstart her ‘Demi World Tour’ in Boston this coming week, but hopefully Dallas will be able to catch a flight to one of her sisters shows!


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