Danielle Jonas Makes Baby Jonas Laugh Hysterically After Diaper Change – Watch Here!


Danielle and Kevin Jonas are probably one of the most cutest couples of all time and now that the two have welcome Baby Alena Jonas into the family, they are that much more cuter. We have followed Danielle and Kevin through their journey of being pregnant and more joy comes from watching videos of Baby Alena and how much love she receives from her parents and family. In a new video posted by Kevin, we get to see Danielle make Alena laugh hysterically after a diaper change. Along with the video Kevin posted, he wrote:

“Love my girls! #πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚”

Watch Danielle make her daughter laugh non-stop by watching the video below and let us know what you think by commenting!

Baby Jonas Is Here! See The First Pic Of Kevin + Danielle’s Daughter, Named…

Danielle Jonas + Alena Rose

We’ve been waiting with bated breath and full hearts right alongside the Jonas and Deleasa families (and even Big Rob!) as Danielle Jonas pushes through labor and proud papa Kevin holds her hand… and we’re happy to report that Baby Jonas has officially arrived!

Mommy and daughter are both happy and healthy, and the overjoyed parents have announced her name at last…

Alena Rose Jonas

“We are overjoyed at the birth of Alena Rose Jonas,” Kevin and Danielle said in a joint statement shortly after their daughter’s birth on Sunday, February 2nd. “She is precious! We could not be more excited to start building our family together. We want to thank our family and friends for their love and support, and our fans for all of their well wishes.”

Following the death of Gerard “Jerry” Miller, Kevin’s maternal grandfather, who the family laid to rest yesterday (February 1st), we’re so glad the Jonas family has a new light in their lives! Welcome to the world, Alena!

BREAKING: Danielle & Kevin Jonas In Hospital – Baby Is On Their Way! @daniellejonas @kevinjonas

kevinEarlier this morning, Kevin Jonas shared with his fans on Twitter that Baby Jonas is on the way! Kevin shared the photo of a hospital computer screen on Instagram and wrote:

“#babyjonas is on the way!! Follow @dreft for all the updates!!!!!!!!! It’s showtime #thisisnotadrill”

Things are definitely getting real now that Danielle is in labor and the couple will soon be welcoming their baby girl! Only soon after sharing the photo from the hospital, Kevin tweeted:

“I’m so excited #BabyJonasIsComing”

We are super excited for Danielle and Jonas and we sure can’t wait to see their beautiful addition to the family. Stay tuned with us for more updates on Baby Jonas and for when the Jonas family reveals their daughter’s name!

Danielle And Kevin Jonas Do Their First Baby Laundry – See The Pic! @kevinjonas @daniellejonas

danielleEven though Kevin and Danielle Jonas don’t expect their new baby girl to arrive for a couple of more weeks, or anytime now, it’s never too early to start prepping! The mother-to-be started has already started washing their daughter’s clothes to they are clean and smell fresh for when she arrives! Kevin shared the photos of his beautiful and 9 months pregnant wife washing the baby clothes and attempting to sort them out. He wrote:

“First day of laundry thanks @dreft for making it smell so good. This is getting crazy”

It seems like Mrs. Jonas got quite exhausted from all the work. Kevin soon after shared yet another photo of Danielle resting and supposedly sleeping with her head resting on the table. He wrote:

“And now were asleep”

Of course, they’re using Dreft Detergent after teaming up with them to promote their new β€œAmazing Baby Days” app. Throughout Danielle’s pregnancy, fans have been able to follow this couple’s journey through pregnancy.

We just can’t wait any longer to see Baby Jonas!


Kevin Jonas Shares His Thoughts About The Arrival Of His Baby – See What He Had To Say! @daniellejonas @kevinjonas

danielleDanielle Jonas and Kevin Jonas are so close to welcome their baby girl into the world. Danielle is 9 months pregnant and ready to pop any minute. With reality right before their eyes, things can get a little stressful and surreal. Fans and followers are super excited to meet Baby Jonas but Kevin turned to Twitter a couple of days ago and seemed to be a little nervous. He wrote:

“Crazy how close it’s starting to feel. I really don’t know what to do with myself. I’ve been building this house for us and doing everything I can to get us in before @daniellejonas pops I’m [really] hoping she can hold out just a little longer, but at the same time I want to meet our little girl so badly. Anyway this year is going to be great and today was a good sign of this! Have a great night”

Starting a family of your own is such a big step but we are sure Kevin will be just fine.

Kevin, Danielle Jonas + Baby Go For A Stroll–See The Pics Here!!

Kevin-Danielle StrollKevin, Danielle Β and soon to be Baby Jonas were photographed yesterday afternoon, Jan 16th, out for a stroll. Danielle is still very much pregnant as they couple enjoyed an afternoon walking around their neighborhood in New Jersey with Kevin cradling Danielle’s tummy.

Are you guys excited as we are for the new baby Jonas? Check out more pics below.

Kevin Jonas Completes His Man Cave – See The Pic! @kevinjonas

kevin1After some hard and sweat, Kevin Jonas finally completed his “man cave.” The man cave was built in his new house for his wife, Danielle Jonas, and Baby Jonas to move into when Baby Jonas arrives. Kevin’s man cave will also be featured in DIY Network’s Man Cave. Recently, Kevin shared the final finish on Instagram and wrote:

“Such a great day the man cave basement is inane!!!!!!! @jcamerontv thanks guys!!”

Check out the before picture below and let us know what you think of the final piece by commenting!


Kevin Jonas Shares A Video Of Baby Jonas’ Heartbeat! – Watch Now! @daniellejonas @kevinjonas

kevinKevin and 9 months pregnant Danielle Jonas are expecting Baby Jonas to arrive any time now. The lovely couple recently visited the doctor for a checkup and Kevin was able to sneak in a video from Danielle’s ultrasound which he posted on Instagram. In the video, we get to hear the heartbeat from Baby Jonas. We are so excited for Kevin and Danielle to welcome their new baby girl into the world. Check out the video below to hear Baby Jonas’ heartbeat and let us know what you think by commenting!

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Heart beats

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Kevin Jonas: “My Baby’s A Dancer!” See Baby Jonas In Action Now!

Kevin Jonas + Danielle Jonas

Kevin Jonas and wife Danielle’s daughter hasn’t been born yet — she’s due around February 6th — but she’s already making herself known in a big way… and working on her dance moves! Expectant father Kevin posted a video of Baby Jonas moving around inside Dani quite obviously tonight, and while he might have been “#freakingout,” it’s truly an incredible sight to see.

Check out the Jonases little miracle saying hi to the world tonight via Instagram in the video below now. Hey, girl, we can’t wait to meet you, either!

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Kevin And Danielle Jonas Talk About Their Baby On Fox & Friends – Watch Now! @daniellejonas @kevinjonas

jonasKevin and Danielle Jonas are probably one of the most cutest couples ever. After quite a long journey in their relationship AND Danielle’s pregnancy, these parents-to-be are ready for the next chapter. Danielle is now 9 months pregnant and it looks like she is ready to pop at any minute!

Despite the seconds ticking down before Baby Jonas is finally born, Danielle and Kevin appeared on FOX’s news program, Fox & Friends, to talk a little about their baby and their journey together.During their interview, Kevin revealed that he is in the process of building a new home for his new family. With the baby due to arrive in February, Kevin hopes to make sure their new home is built just in time.

Check out what else Kevin and Danielle had to say by watching their interview in the video below! Let us know what you think by commenting!

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