Austin Mahone Answers His Fans’ Question In New VEVO Ask:Reply Video – Watch Now!


In an all new video from VEVO, Austin Mahone answered questions from his fans in the new VEVO Ask:Reply video! In the Ask:Reply video, Austin answered questions about his favorite music, what he would do if he could time travel and more! While it’s only a couple of questions that Austin answers, it is still a great opportunity to get to know him a little more. Along with the video VEVO posted was the following description:

“Vevo LIFT artist Austin Mahone is back to answer more fan questions! Check what he had to say about fighting with his friends, mahomies and his favorite song of all time!”

Check out Austin’s Ask:Reply session by watching the video below and let us know what you think by commenting! Hopefully, there will be more videos of Austin answering his fans’ questions!

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