Justin Bieber: “Worried Bout Nothing” — See The Pics + Vids From His Aspen Getaway Here!

Following the police raid in his house on Tuesday (January 14th), the ongoing investigation into his involvement in the egging of his neighbors’ house which caused upwards of $20,000 in damages, and rumors of substance abuse, Justin Bieber apparently decided to get out of Los Angeles for a bit and take a trip to Aspen, Colorado, with some friends. The group had fun snowboarding, skating, and playing some ice hockey, as well as chilling out by the fire afterward.

The guys — including Ryan Butler, Terrence Smalls, Josh Gudwin, and Khalil — weren’t shy about recording the day and sharing it all over social media, so there are plenty of pictures and videos to see below — including the most pointed video of the day to all his naysayers: a recording of Justin on the ice, dancing along to French Montana’s “Ain’t Worried About Nothin”. However, the song itself contains explicit references to guns and drugs so maybe it’s not exactly the image Justin should be putting out there when his actions are under the microscope not only by the media but by law enforcement!

Check it all out below and let us know what you think:

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