Justin Bieber Fan Disappointed In Star: Asks Why He Did It – Get The Full Scoop Inside! @justinbieber

A couple of days, the news of Justin Bieber’s arrest in Miami Beach went viral. While most people were scrutinizing Justin for his actions, followers of the star on social media seemed to be quite supportive. However, not all were supportive.

One fan, an eight-year-old girl from Ohio, seemed quite disappointed in her idol that she wrote a heartfelt letter to Justin explaining her disappointment and asking why he did what he did. Check out what this eight-year-old, Serafina, had to say:

“Dear Justin Bieber,

I’m very disappointed. It breaks my heart that you were in jail for just one night. I loved most of your songs. I dance to them a lot! So many things have changed this year. This is the biggest one yet! Why did you do it? Why did you race cars? What made you do it? Didn’t you know it was a bad thing to do?

You had such a great life! I’ve read your books and watched your movies. You had something special. But you gave it up for drugs. My whole life I have been warned about drugs! And now my idol has started taking them! There are many drunk people in the world and you have become one of them. That’s sad to me! I think you should be disappointed in your self. Just take a minute to think about what you did.

Sincerely, Serafina”

Below, you can find the photo of the hand written letter. Check it out and let us know what you think by commenting!


Justin Bieber Sends Out A Message To His Fans On Social Media – Check It Out Here! @justinbieber

justinJustin Bieber was arrested in Miami Beach on Thursday, January 23rd for several charges. After much coverage from media and both backlash on social media, Justin’s fans continued to show his love and support for the star. Even his manager, Scooter Braun, was supportive of Justin in this period of chaos.

After the whole situation, Justin was M.I.A (missing in action) for a while on social media. However, just yesterday, he made his first post on Twitter – a picture of himself along with an old photo of Michael Jackson right outside the Miami Beach jail. Finally, he reached out to his fans on Twitter by sending a heartfelt message: He tweeted:

Justin seems to never forget about his Beliebers. They will also be there for him as he will try to always be there for them. Let us know what you think about Justin reaching out to his fans by commenting!

Justin Bieber Posts First Pic On Social Media After Arrest! @justinbieber

justinAfter his arrest in Miami Beach for a DUI and drag racing, Justin Bieber was finally released out of jail when he was bailed out by his father, Jeremy. Throughout the whole situation, Beliebers showed their love and support for the star on social media. Meanwhile, there was no word from the star himself …. until today.

Justin shared a photo on Instagram of himself outside of the Miami jail on top of a car while he waves to his fans and Michael Jackson doing the same thing back in the past although for a different circumstance. Along with the photo, Justin wrote:

“”What more can they say” ♛”

It’s only a matter of time to see how Justin along with his manager, Scooter Braun, will handle all the media coverage along with Justin’s reputation. Let us know what you think by commenting!

Justin Bieber’s DUI Arrest All Over Social Media And Jimmy Kimmel Live – Watch Now! @justinbieber @jimmykimmel

justin_bieber_mugshot_0Just recently, it was reported that Justin Bieber was allegedly arrest for drag racing and for a DUI. As soon as the word hit the media, it went viral. Not only was the media on top of what’s going on with Justin but even social media users are reacting to the news such as Twitter.

Yesterday, Jimmy Kimmel did a segment on Justin’s arrest in Miami Beach on his show, Jimmy Kimmel Live. In the segment, Jimmy talks about the social media frenzy surrounding Justin DUI arrest. He even goes on to show some of the tweets from Justin’s fans.

Check out what the segment was about by watching the video below. Let us know what you think by commenting!

BREAKING: Justin Bieber Reportedly Arrested In Miami Beach, FL For DUI + Drag Racing

Justin Bieber

According to a report by the Miami Herald, Justin Bieber was allegedly arrested in Miami Beach, Florida when he was caught drag racing and subsequently failed a sobriety test, resulting in charges for drag racing and DUI (driving under the influence).

Earlier Wednedsay night (January 22nd), Justin and his friends were showing off their rented Lamborghinis on Instagram. The picture above, which Justin shared with the caption “Thanks to @loulavie and @internationalc for the whips” has since been removed from his account.

Further details on the arrest are unknown at the moment. Check back with us and the Miami Herald for more information as it is released.

ETA: All major news outlets are now confirming the arrest and charges, as well as the Miami Beach PD:

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