Zac Efron And Robert De Niro To Star In ‘Dirty Grandpa’ — More Info Here!!


Both Zac Efron and Robert De Niro are in talks to star in an up and coming road trip comedy called, Dirty Grandpa. 

Talks are very early on, but if they stick Zac will play a young man who is tricked into driving his own grandfather (Robert De Niro), a perverted former Army general who thinks his grandson is about to marry the wrong woman, to Florida for spring break.

The director for this film will be Dan Mazer, who has worked with Sacha Baron Cohen on Borat, Bruno and The Dictator as a writer.

Jake Miller And Cody Simpson!? — More Info Here!


Last night June 3rd, Jake Miller tweeted this picture with Cody Simpson stating they are filming something “top secret” for MTV! We only could wonder what it could be. Maybe a possible collaboration by the boys? Or maybe MTV is planning something special for us! Stay updated right here on TeenInfo Net!


Jakes tweet here.

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