Hunter Hayes Supporting ALS — Details Here!

Hunter ALS

Winner of Wednesday night’s “favorite male country artist” at the People’s Choice Awards, Hunter Hayes, showed his support for the ALS Association by wearing Must Jewelry’s new line.  Must Jewelry has committed to make a difference through a brand-new Ice Bucket themed line using their finest silver, gold and diamonds. More than 65% of all profits go directly to the ALS Association.

It is so good to see that stars are still supporting ALS and trying to help find a cure in ways they can since the ice bucket challenge stopped. You can support too, simply by purchasing a bracelet like Hunter or just making a small donation to the cause. Every little bit helps.

Kristen Stewart & Nicholas Hoult Take The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge With A Twist!


Kristen Stewart, Nicholas Hoult, and their friend Scott took the ALS ice bucket challenge… with a twist! Instead of jump dumping cold water over their heads they went in head first! Kristen even took time to point out that since much of the US is in a drought they used dirty bath water.

Check out their clip below, and don’t forget to donate to further ALS research for a cure!

One Direction’s Liam Payne Takes The Ice Bucket Challenge With Help From Fans!

Liam Payne was nominated by Cheryl Cole to partake in the ALS ice bucket challenge and got some fans to help him complete his challenge!

Check out the video, posted to Liam’s Instagram, below!

Zac Efron Posts Robert Pattinson’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Video!


Since Robert Pattinson does not have any social networks, he asked his buddy and ALS ice cucket challenger Zac Efron to post his video of himself taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Check out Rob’s clip below to see him get drenched and find out who he nominated! Way to go Rob, and thanks to Zac for the help!

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge V.S Ashley Tisdale Plus Surprise Guest!?– Video Here!

Ashley Tisdale took on the ice bucket challenge and donated today! It’s all for a good cause and we love seeing all of these celebrities setting a good example while having some fun!

Have you taken the challenge, if not, we nominate YOU! Make sure to donate by going to and clicking donate!

Check out Ashley’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video below and get ready for the unexpected guest!

Zendaya Coleman & The ‘K.C. Undercover’ Cast Take The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!


If you’re going to do it up, do it up BIG! Zendaya Coleman and the cast of ‘K.C. Undercover‘ did just that as they took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to spread awareness for ALS. Wow, Zendaya and the cast really got drenched, but it looks like they had fun in the process!

Have you taken the challenge? Who will you nominate? Check out Z and the KC cast’s video clip below!

Challenge Accepted! Kenton Duty Takes The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!


Kenton J. Duty wasted no time accepting Ryan Ochoa’s challenge for him to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Kenton took to Instagram recently to share his contribution to spreading awareness for ALS. Kenton also nominated a handful of friends including The Ochoa Boyz!

Check out Kenton’s video clip below. Who do you think will take the challenge yet?!

Ryan Ochoa Takes The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


Ryan Ochoa stepped up like a trooper and accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Ryan took to Instagram to share his video clip as well as raise awareness for ALS. Ryan nominated his pal Kenton Duty. Your move, Kenton!

Rixton Takes The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! – Watch Here!


Just when you think all of your favorite celebs have already taken the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, we have more to report! The group Rixton has taken to the net to share their video to spread awareness for ALS. Have you taken the challenge yet? It looks like the guys of Rixton are actually loving it! haha.

Check out their video below!

Miley Cyrus Puts Her Own Twist On The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! – Watch Here!


Miley Cyrus has been nominated to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by Noah and her dad Billy Ray. However, Miley decided to put her own twist on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Instead, Miley, along with her brother Braison, decided to dump some rice on their heads. Miley posted the video on Instagram and wrote:

“#ricebucketchallenge #als @alsassociation @waynecoyne5 @katyweaver @alecholden #makeshithappen #donate #itaintaboutthepourin itsaboutthepayinandawareness”

Be sure to check out Miley and Braison dumping rice on their heads by watching the video below and let us know what you think by commenting!

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