Jake Miller’s Got Sneak Peeks Behind “First Flight Home” Music Video!

jake millerToday is the day that Jake Miller is working on the music video for his newest single, “First Flight Home”. He’s been tweeting on Twitter ever since he got there, the excitement showing with his most recent tweet.

Jake even gave us a behind the scenes picture from the music video as well, which you can see above with him, Joey Gandolfo and another person wearing military attire. He also mentions on Twitter about some more awesome sneak peeks on his snapchat.

You can easily get the Snapchat app on iTunes or the Google Play store! Are you following Jake throughout the day?

G Hannelius Takes A Flight To Visit France!


Disney Channel star from Disney’s Dog With A Blog, G Hannelius, is traveling to France. The star posted a pic from the plane as she flies over some beautiful land. Along with the photo she wrote:

“✈️ Bonjour belle France! // 6.1.14”

After arriving to the foreign country, G updated her fans on Twitter by tweeting:

“After an 9 hour flight and a 3 hour train ride… I’m finally settled in France! Don’t worry- I didn’t forget about #HOTMDay”

We aren’t exactly sure what G is doing in France but we are sure she is having a good time!

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