Crash In Outer Space On All New ‘Crash & Bernstein ‘– Previews Here!!


CRASH & BERNSTEIN – “Flushed in Spaced” – Crash talks his way onto a space shuttle launch into space. During the flight, Crash accidentally flushes himself out of the shuttle and into space, and Wyatt jumps into action to save Crash. This episode of “Crash & Bernstein” will air Monday, July 28 (7:30 PM – 8:00 PM ET/PT), on Disney XD.


Happy Birthday Aaron Landon!

Aaron Landon, who plays Pesto on Disney XD’s Crash and Bernstein, is celebrating his birthday today! Make sure you tweet him @AaronLandon1 to wish him a happy birthday!

Like Aaron Landon On Facebook!

Aaron Landon wants you to like his Facebook page! And also, check out his 8th throwback he posted! Here’s the link:

Aaron Landon New Single “Chains” Watch Here @aaronlandon1


Aaron Landon has posted a video of his all new original song “Chains.” This is his first single he released with his lowered voice, check out a video of Aaron playing “Chains” at the House of Blues in Hollywood below!

Aaron Landon’s New Original Song! @aaronlandon1


Aaron Landon, Disney XD Star who plays Pesto on Crash and Bernstein, has announced that he will be posting the performance of his new original song “Chains” soon on his youtube! Be sure to subscribe so you won’t miss it:

Aaron Landon’s Twitter Milestone! @AaronLandon1


Aaron Landon, who plays Pesto on Disney XD’s Crash and Bernstein, reached 4 thousand followers on Twitter today! This number may seem small, but Aaron sent out a tweet thanking his Twitter followers for helping him reach 4k! If you don’t already, be sure to follow Aaron @AaronLandon1

Super Cute Photos Of Disney Stars As Kids

Disney XD has shared some holiday photos of some of their stars when they were kids. These photos are so cute of Kelli Berglund, Dylan Riley Snyder, Auggie Issac, Aaron Landon, Devan Leos, and Angel Parker. Check out the super cuteness below.

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All New Crash And Bernstein Episode Sneak Peek

COLE JENSENTuesday, December 3
Crash & Bernstein “Merry Crashenfest”
*Holiday-themed episode, part of Disney XD’s “Winter Wonder What?!”
(7:00 PM – 7:30 PM ET/PT)

As Hanukkah approaches, the Bernstein family teaches Crash the traditions of the holiday and explains that different cultures celebrate various holidays in many ways. Seizing the opportunity to make this holiday season their own, Crash and Wyatt create a new holiday that incorporates traditional elements and Crash’s crazy antics.

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