Happy Birthday Drake Bell, We Hope Your Day Gets Better!



We here at TeenInfoNet would like to wish Drake Bell a very happy birthday!

Unfortunately, according to his recent Twitter updates, instead of celebrating in style at one of his favorite places, Disneyland, he has been taking planes to New York. 😦

Drake says, “Going to be flying all day for my birthday. Then a 3 hr drive Work is exhausting. Wish I were at Disneyland today 😦 WHY AM I AT THE AIRPORT AGAIN???????!!!!!!!! JUST LET ME GO HOME ALREADY!!!!!!!! Worst birthday ever! Flying all the way to New York to drive three hours and sit in a hotel room….. How the hell did I get roped into this?! I should be at Disneyland not on this stupid plane!!! Get me off this plane!!!!!!!!!!”

Yikes!! It sounds like Drake is having a really rough birthday. We hope that his day gets better soon! Someone get him a birthday cake and a hug stat! Be sure to send Drake nice birthday wishes on Twitter for his special day to help make his day better!

Happy Birthday To Lana Del Rey!



We here at ‘TeenInfoNet’ would like to wish miss Lana Del Rey a very happy 28th birthday today! Lana has just released her new album ‘Ultraviolence’ which has quickly shot straight to the top of the charts!

To celebrate Lana’s special day, be sure to send her a tweet and check out her newest video for the single “Shades Of Cool” on Youtube/Vevo.

Happy Birthday Lana, have a wonderful day celebrating with the people you love!

Happy 28th Birthday Robert Pattinson!

TeenInfoNet would like to wish the one and only Robert Pattinson a very Happy Birthday! Rob turns 28 today.

We can’t wait to see what Rob has in store next in his movie career. What is your favorite RPatz film?

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