MKTO Premieres “American Dream” Lyric Video — Watch Here!

american dreamWe all have a love for MKTO’s fantastic single, “American Dream”. With it’s popularity rising, it’s not surprise that they released an awesome lyric video for fans to enjoy!

So, check out the amazing lyric video for “American Dream” below and, if you haven’t yet, head to iTunes and download their album now!

Lea Michele Is LOUDER All Over The Globe

Lea Michele, "Cannonball" - Music Video

Glee star Lea Michele has been making some noise on the music charts here in the US and abroad. And the noise that she’s making across the globe is getting LOUDER by the country. The pop star’s single LOUDER is #1 in 11 countries worldwide — that has got to be some kind of record.

Check out the #1 chart by country below and let us know what you think of Lea’s single.


Click To Enlarge

Official Cover Art For Katy Perry’s New Single “Dark Horse” Revealed — Check It Out Here!

Katy Perry, "Dark Horse" Single Cover

Just when we thought we couldn’t love Katy Perry’s latest single “Dark Horse” featuring Juicy J off her album Prism any more, we got a glimpse of the official cover art! And it’s just that — a work of art, featuring a hand-drawn Katy with golden-plated shoulder armor over her dress and a slightly menacing horse headdress. The bird and cage images in the bottom corners fit perfectly with the lyrics of the second verse — “this love will make you levitate… like a bird without a cage” — and complete a rich picture that we think really conveys the tone of the song. What do you think?

Not only is the cover art totally cool, but the single is galloping — pun intended, of course — up the iTunes Singles Charts right now! Katy tweeted out the good news earlier upon landing in China:

Congrats, Katy!

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