TI Exclusive: Interview With Jackson Harris — Read Here!!

F_Jackson-22 TeenInfoNet was lucky to have to opportunity to chat with Singer – Songwriter Jackson Harris. Jackson has a lot going on right now with his career. In early 2014 he released an album, “Sharks & Vampires” and now he is still making more music hoping to go on our again in the 2nd half of 2015. Read our exclusive interview with Jackson below!
Do you remember what song really pulled you towards pop music and an ambition for the music industry? 
I don’t think it was one specific song that drew me towards pop music or music in general, but growing up my mom always played the Beatles, Billy Joel and Queen. Music is my earliest memory.
What differences were there between touring with Cody Simpson, Cher Lloyd, Fifth Harmony, R5 and Before You Exit? 
I have been incredibly lucky to open and tour with some incredible artists and musicians. Each tour I learned more and more on how to interact with fans, build your live show and what it is like to be on the road. Before You Exit and R5 have great energy on stage and really rock out, Cher and Fifth Harmony are some killer singers and those ladies can dance! And lastly touring with Cody was like touring with a brother of mine. He’s a spectacular guitarist and I got to learn so much about playing stages over seas!
Where do you see your career taking you in the near future? Distant future?
 I want to continue to make more music that moves me. I want to start maybe directing and producing some of my music videos and films as well as touring during the 2nd half of 2015! And in the distant future I want to have an established songwriting company and a successful career in writing and performing music all over the world.
What is your method to writing music?
There is no method to the madness. Sometimes I sit down on the floor and grab a guitar and the song just comes out of me. Other times it happens in the studio working with other producers and trying to inspire each other. If I have a very strong lyric in mind I’ll try to find the right beat for it. I try my best to just be present and open to whatever strikes me. I just want to be free to be creative.
What/Where was your first live performance and how did you feel?
It wasn’t my first live performance but it was definitely life changing, and that was opening for Ryan Beatty in Red Bank NJ at the count Basie theater. There was over 1,500 people there and it just blew my mind.
If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be? 
It’s incredibly difficult to choose just one. But it would be any of the following people: Kanye West,John Mayer,Mark Ronson, Gavin Degraw, Paul McCartney, Frank Ocean and many, many more.
What do you hope fans take out of your music?
That I’m a real person. And the stories I put in my songs are supposed to take you away for 3-5 minutes from whatever you’re doing in your life. I want people to not feel alone, and to know I’ve been there too. I’ve had my heart broken, I’ve failed, and I’m still here, still doing what I love to do.
(Photo Credit: Mike Lerner)

VIDEO: Lindsey Stirling & Zendaya Chat It Up With Radio Disney!


It’s time to get some inside scoop on Zendaya and Lindsey Stirling with Radio Disney Insider! Candice, one of Radio Disney’s personalities, got to sit down with both Zendaya and Lindsey during their recent visits at the studio.

Zendaya chats it up with Candice about her new hit series on Disney Channel, K.C. Undercover while Lindsey gives details on when she first started in music and a bit about her single, “Shatter Me”!

Check out the interview snippets below!

TI Exclusive: Interview With Curtis Harris

Curtis Harris, who currently stars on Nickelodeon’s “The Haunted Hathaways” has earned him a nomination for Outstanding Performance by a Youth in a Youth Children’s Program for this year’s 46th Annual NAACP Image Awards.

The show, which launched in 2013 follows a single mother and her two daughters, who move into a house occupied by three ghosts, Ray Preston and his two sons. Miles (played by Harris) and Louie. Miles is the definition of a “friendly ghost,” setting a great example for his younger brother, and for his good-natured, and thrilled that the Hathaways are there to stay. The two families solve their problems b using a blend of normal human ways, and ghost powers. The show is currently in its second season.

TeenInfoNet got an exclusive interview with Curtis to talk about his character Miles as well as his nomination for the NAACP!

Can you briefly tell us about “The Haunted Hathaways” for those who may not be too familiar with the show?

It all started when a family (The Hathaways) moved from New York, to a house in New Orleans, and they later find out that their house is occupied by a family of ghosts (The Prestons)! So there’s a lot of comedic interaction between the human family and the ghost family, whether it’s flying cats or pies in the faces. We find out there are a lot of things the two families can learn from each other.

Do you relate to your character, Miles Preston, in any way?

We both are very friendly, funny, have a good sense of style, and we are both constantly in a good mood. That’s me for sure

Your character tries to set a great example for his younger brother Louie, what advise would you give younger aspiring actors/actresses?

I would say never give up and to work hard, even on the little things. Also, not to just sit around and wait for everything. Be aggressive when it comes to following your dreams. You’re never too young to start now.

-How would you say “The Haunted Hathaways” is different from other shows that also involve ghosts?

Most ghosts shows on T.V. nowadays don’t seem to be all that kid friendly. So I guess what makes The Haunted Hathaways different; adults and kids can watch the show and enjoy it.

-Congratulations on being nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Youth in a Youth Children’s Program for the NAACP Image Awards, how does it feel?

I feel so humbled by this nomination. This means the world to me, because I don’t act to win awards, I just do it because I enjoy it more than anything else. So yeah, I’m definitely thankful to get recognized for my work, because I do put a lot of time and practice into being my best on screen.

-Your co-star, Amber Montana, is also nominated for the same category, are you both competitive people or is it all friendly competition?

It’s definitely a friendly competition, we are both really supportive of each other.

-Also being 13, how do you find time to work while still being a teenager?

I feel that at any age to be in the same award show with such talented people is an honor. To have this opportunity at only 13 years old is just beyond belief, and really an inspiration to strive to get better and better. The great thing about award shows are that they are every year, so you always have the opportunity to get nominated again for new work you may have done, and that motivates you to stay on top of your game.

-You’ve also worked along side many other notable actors, what are some things you’ve learned from working on these previous projects with them?

It doesn’t feel like work when you love your job, but when I’m not acting I hang out with my friends and play basketball and video games. Typical teenager stuff.

-What else can we expect from you coming up in 2015?

It’s early in the year, but I’m hoping to do some work in major feature films, and in sitcoms later this year. I feel like one of my strengths as an actor is the ability to play roles that are funny, as well as dramatic. It would be awesome to have the ability to showcase that this year.

-Where can people find/follow you on your social medias?

My Twitter and Instagram is @TheCurtisHarris. Follow me!

Photo Credit: Bobby Quillard

TI Exclusive: Interview With Toni Baldwin — View Here!!

Below is our exclusive interview with the talent singer-songwriter Toni Baldwin. Be sure to stay up to date with everything Toni has coming including her new album by going to her website, www.tonibaldwin.com.
Hi Toni, it is so nice to finally chat with you. Can you tell us a little about yourself for those who may not know?
It’s really great to be chatting with you guys again! I’m Toni Baldwin, I’m 19, and as my Twitter bio says, I make music and drink too much tea.
We know you write your own songs, where do you get your inspiration from?
I get all of my inspiration from life. Everything that goes on around me and with my friends and family, I pull from that.
What is the story behind your new single “Bang, Bang?”
I wrote “Bang, Bang” in September of 2014. There was (and still is) SO much going on in the world and teenagers and young adults are more worried about social media and a false reality than they are what’s really happening in the world. The problem with this fact is that WE ARE THE FUTURE. There are so many young people who are trying to make a difference in the world, BUT there are also more out there who aren’t. “Bang, Bang” is literally saying it’s time for this generation to start a revolution in the sense that we can be the people to CHANGE the world. The title comes from the word “bang” being used to describe a loud sound because this generation can make a HUGE sound as far as the future goes whether it be voting or just being a friend to someone who needs it. BE the change you want to see in the world.
Can you tell us a little about your debut album Veins? When can we expect it?
My album is definitely a storyline type of album. I wrote the entire album based off of one experience and dealing with everything that came with it in 2014. So it’s very cohesive. “Bang, Bang” actually wasn’t even written for the album, but with all the political decisions and everything going on, I felt like that was a huge part of 2014 as well. I’m still recording so you can expect it in the summer or early fall of this year.
Do you plan on going on a tour after you release Veins?
I plan on doing some smaller shows and then maybe a few StageIt shows that I can stream. Any way to meet and connect with the fans, is the best way!
Who is your musical influence?
I get a lot of inspiration from Miley Cyrus not just musically but also how she performs and how passionate she is about it. But I pull a lot from Lorde because she just doesn’t give a damn what anybody thinks of her. When it comes to rock influence, I admire The Maine a lot. They’re actually my favorite band.
What is your advice to people wanting to get to the point you are at in your career?
Just do it. Everyone always says “well I can’t get in the studio” or “but I don’t have any fans” well, I didn’t either. I did everything myself. My first guitar was a gift from my Grandfather and I’m self taught from a book. If you have access to any type of microphone or the internet, you can start something.
Thank you for taking the time to chat with us, we are looking forward to hearing Veins!
Thank you guys so much for having me!

TI Exclusive: Interview With Cade Larson — Read Here!


TeenInfoNet had the opportunity to interview singer-songwriter Cade Larson. Below is what Cade chatted with us about, and be sure to keep up with him on Twitter @CadeLarson to stay up to date with everything he has to come.

Hi Cade, we are excited to chat with you, how have you been?
Hi TeenInfoNet! Thanks for having me! I’ve been great!
How have things been since you starting pursuing your solo career?
Things have been awesome. Everything has been happening at a really fast pace, and the journey is so exciting.
We know you just released you 4 song EP, what song is your favorite?
My favorite song from the EP is Let Me Know because it’s SO much fun to play live, and the emotions that I was feeling when I was writing the song really shined through the recording like I wanted them to.
In the past you toured with Before You Exit, what is your favorite part of touring?
Of course I LOVE the performing, but meeting all of the incredible people after the shows is one of my favorite parts for sure.
What is the craziest thing a fan has ever done for you?
One fan drove 9 hours on a school night just to watch me perform, and had to drive all the way back home that night and go to school that next day. I thought that was incredible.
We hear that with your new EP you plan on touring in the spring, can you share any details on that?
I’ll be visiting almost all of the cities that I visited on tour with Before You Exit last winter, and more! 🙂
Who is your dream artist to record and tour with?
It’s my dream to record and tour with Ed Sheeran. He is incredibly talented and has heavily influenced who I am as an artist.
You only recently starting pursuing a solo career, can you give some advice to those out there who are trying the same thing?
Work, work, work. There are so many independent artists out there nowadays that share the same dream. You have to out-work everybody else to succeed in this business. Most importantly, believe in yourself. Confidence is a very powerful trait.
Thank you for taking the time to chat with us!
Thanks for having me! Can’t wait to chat again soon. 🙂

TI Exclusive: Trevor Jackson Dishes On Upcoming Movie ‘Sons 2 The Grave’

Actor, singer and dancer, Trevor Jackson, stars in new movie Sons 2 the Grave along with Justin Martin and Messiah Harris. Trevor stars as Marcus Jennings, an eighteen year old basketball phenomenon, who gets caught up in the wrong scene and has to come to a decision as to whether this is who he wants to be, or if he wants to change lives.

We caught up with Trevor in an exclusive interview where he gave us the scoop about the new film along with new music and more upcoming projects! Check out the interview below and be sure to follow Sons 2 the Grave right HERE!

Video Credits: Crystal Ng

TI Exclusive: Dalal Bruchmann Talks “Suddenly” Remix, Life In Los Angeles and Upcoming Album

Singer/songwriter, actress, model and special effects artist, Dalal Bruchmann, is taking the world by storm. Not only did she recently unveil a remix of her single “Suddenly” but she is currently residing in Los Angeles finishing up her debut album. Check out our exclusive interview with the Austria-Native and be sure to listen to “Suddenly” right HERE!

-What is it like to hear a remix of your song “suddenly”? Does it sound like a completely new song? Does it still express the same emotions?

~ It’s always interesting to hear a new take on your song! I think the initial idea is still there, the concept as well, but the vibe changes a little with the framework of the Remix.

-When you first recorded “suddenly”, what did you imagine it sounding like?

~ I did imagine it to sound like what it eventually turned out to be. I started humming the chorus in a shower in Boston and we finished the song the next day in the studio.
I wanted it to sound mysterious, romantic and sexy ….

-Singer/songwriter, actress, model and special effects artist, which one came first?

~ I think music came first, then came the acting and modeling and the interest and fascination with everything “behind the scenes” was always there. 🙂

-You’ve worked on many projects such as 90210 and Sonny with a Chance, but behind the scenes, what’s the main difference between being behind the camera and in front of the camera?

~It’s a completely different process I think. At least for me. The only connection is the final product, but the approach is different and the post involvement with the product sometimes as well.

-What are some of the differences between being back home in Austria , New York, and now Los Angeles?

~ It’s like 3 different worlds. Even the East Coast and the West Coast differ in their pace and their feel. Not to mention Austria. The air is different, the people …but most of all it’s the feel you get.

-Now that you’re finishing up your debut album in LA, can you tell us about your process? How do you choose each songs to put on and which one to release as singles?

~It’s an interesting process and I think for every artist a little different. There are projects that come in between your plan like Superman that was written for a documentary that will be released this year.
I also released a half German half English winter song (cover of Anastasia’s Once upon a December) last December…
As for the Album it’s a pretty selective process…. There are so many songs we have written and that we are still currently writing on or recording or finishing up but at the end the Album needs to tell a coherent story so some songs even though they are great or dear to you might not make the final cut!

-What helps you while you’re writing music and which song was the most personal or difficult to write?

~I like it when it’s quiet.. That when I hear the music best. In the studio, the beach, late at night in my apartment, after a good meal lol! I’m also always inspired when I’m working with other musicians in the studio, violinists, cellists, sax player, drummers…. That’s always great fun and really inspirational!
Which song was the most personal….hmmm I have a connection to all of the song and different memories, good and bad I connect with them… But there is a song I wrote called Take on the world, and one that’s called I will be here that are both very personal.

-Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve written songs that have been too personal to release or that you just weren’t ready to yet?

~I think the personal moments that are depicted in songs are the ones that best resonate with people. Also, writing it is kind of medicinal and cleansing in a way …
I don’t think I’d have any problem sharing those personal feelings with the world.
It’s also hard to find the line between personal and too personal :/

-You have been on a long journey between musicals, to awards, and going to different schools, what would you say was the biggest challenge for you?

~ Keeping the rhythm up and keeping up with the rhythm.
I’m passionate about many things and I’d like to do everything 100 %, sometimes you forget yourself in the process and the main reason why you are passionate about something gets left behind. That can sometimes get challenging.

-Do you have any advice for people who wish to join the entertainment industry?

~I think the path is different for every artist! The only thing I would say is, don’t make compromises, stick to your choices and priorities!

-What else can we expect from you coming up?

~ I have a music video and a acoustic version of Superman coming out. I’m having a lot of up coming shows on the west coast and East coast. Another Single and music video, a few behind the scenes moments of my work, the Album and more. I’m currently also working on a movie score so…yay

-Lastly can you share with us your social medias and where we can find your music?
My official website is www.dalalmusic.com
Facebook, also dalalmusic
Twitter also dalalmusic
Instagram also dalalmusic

VIDEO: Fifth Harmony Dishes On Celeb Crushes & Australian Accents With Alli Simpson!

fifthharmonyA new show has emerged on Radio Disney called The Alli Simpson Show, where every Friday, Alli Simpson gets to meet and interview our favorite stars! One of her recent guests welcomed was the fearsome fivesome known as Fifth Harmony!

Starting off the interview, the girls are asked by Alli to give the scoop on their celebrity crushes! Shortly after, after the girls are enamored by Alli’s Australian accent, they get a chance to try it for themselves!

Check out the video with Fifth Harmony and Alli Simpson below! Tell us who your celebrity crush is!

Zendaya Talks Disney Channel’s ‘K.C. Undercover’ On ‘Good Day LA’! – Watch Here!


Disney Channel star Zendaya visited the studios of Good Day LA on Wednesday (January 28) where she talked about her new Disney Channel show K.C. Undercover. Furthermore, Zendaya also talks about her reasons for coming back to Disney after working on Shake It Up and she also talked about her role as a producer.

Be sure to check out everything Zendaya had to say during her interview by watching it in the video below!

COVER/PHOTOS: Benjamin Stockham Covers ‘Afterglow Magazine’ — Check It Out!

Ben Afterglow Cover

So, guess who has the opportunity to be on the cover of the newest issue of Afterglow magazine? Why it’s About A Boy star Benjamin Stockham! This young man is looking suave as he graces his first cover feature with Afterglow!

You can check out his feature inside the magazine HERE beginning on Page 16! Want a hard copy of the mag? No sweat! Get your hard copy of the mag HERE!

Check out some of the feature pics down below! He certinaly looks like he had fun doing the shoot!


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