Alli Simpson Photoshoot Today!

Alli Simpson has a photoshoot with Romersk Sleepwear today! We are so excited to see her model for them again. Check out the selfie above she posted to Twitter today saying how smiley she was about it!

Genevieve Hannelius Live Tweeting New DWAB Now!

Genevieve Hannelius is live tweeting the new Dog With A Blog episode on now for the West Coast! Tune in on Disney Channel and follow her on Twitter at @G_Hannelius for all the updates!

Ariana Crashes A Dance Class!

Ariana Grande crashed a dance class today and played her new single for them! She can’t include audio just yet, but check out the Instagram video at this link and see the reaction she got!!!

Scooter Braun Teases About Ariana Single!

Scooter Braun announced that he visited the studio with Ariana Grande to pick out her first single off her album she is working on! We are so excited to hear it. He also uploaded an Instagram video of them in the studio, even though there is no audio or music playing, you can tell they are super excited. Check out the video here:

Frankie Grande On Ariana’s New Single!

Ariana Grande’s older brother Frankie tweeted about her new unreleased single! Such a tease! Check out the screen capture above of Frankie’s tweet.

We are so excited to finally hear something new from Ariana. Who else is? Let us know in a comment down below if you absolutely can’t wait to finally find out more!

Austin Mahone’s Surprise!

Austin Mahone has announced via Twitter that he has a huge surprise for his Mahomies! Want to know what it is? He’ll be talking all about it tomorrow at 7 am on the Elvis Duran Show on z100! Be sure to tune in!

Lana Del Rey Gets Ready To Release Single!

Lana Del Rey has announced that she will be releasing a brand new single called West Coast! Check out the photo above that she tweeted tonight. Possible single cover? Who knows! Who else is super excited?!

Kendall & Kylie Spring New Arrivals Tomorrow!

Kendall and Kylie’s Spring New Arrivals hit Pacsun stores tomorrow, April 4th! Who else is super excited?!

Kendall Jenner Goes Ziplining!


Kendall Jenner posted a video to her Instagram of her going ziplining! She sounds so scared! Check out the video below:

Would you ever go ziplining? Let us know in a comment below!

Alli Simpson’s Flirting Tips!

If you need advice on flirting, Alli Simpson just posted some flirting tips and tricks on her blog! You can view the post here: and let her know what you think by tweeting her @AlliSimpson! We love all her advice she gives to girls on her blog. What do you think about it? Let us know in a comment down below!

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