Welcome to TeenInfonet.com!!

TeenInfonet was created in 2007 by Lee Winston to combine his love of Disney and his love of writing. TeenInfonet has grown to be a major news organization in the entertainment business and works closely with ABC Family, Walt Disney Studios, and various celebrities and their Representatives to bring our readers the very best and latest in entertainment news.

TeenInfoNet is also a great place to become involved in the entertainment industry. Some of our former employees have went on to other magazines and websites as well as launching their own organizations. We are proud to have been able to provide them with the skills and knowledge they now possess to further achieve their goals in the entertainment industry.

We hope that all of our readers and social network followers will have fun on the website and our various networks and make TeenInfoNet their one stop shop for all of their celebrity news.


  1. PLZ text me Asap

  2. i luv dat song lovato its my dream

  3. I fave song is Wildest dream Taylor swift

  4. luise schroll says:

    please selena thats my only dream i swear !!!

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