Singer Rebecca Juliet Releases New Single About Empowerment To Women!


Rebecca Juliet is a 16-year-old New York City-based singer-songwriter who knew that she had two callings from the time she was very young: music and social service. She is an elite vocalist who has a wide vocal range, and can skillfully sing in a number of genres, ranging from opera to pop. Rebecca strongly believes in using her musical talents to help people in need and present positive messages. notes that Rebecca Juliet is “out to change the world through her music”.

With the release of her second single “Damsel In Distress,” Rebecca presents a powerful message: young women can overcome many challenges, and do not need to be “rescued” to succeed in life. The song has a retro/pop feel with a modern, twenty-first century message about the empowerment of women. Rebecca hopes that “Damsel” will attract favorable popular attention, particularly among women. Bust Magazine is already calling it the “Feminist Pop Anthem” of 2015.

Rebecca will be donating all the net profits from the purchase of “Damsel In Distress” on iTunes and Amazon to “Girls Inc. of New York City” an organization that assists under-served 6 to 18-year old girls in New York City to realize their full academic, emotional, and physical health potential. As Pamela Maraldo, CEO of Girls Inc. of New York City said, “Girls Inc. of New York City is proud to partner with strong, smart, and bold girls like Rebecca who work hard and give back to their communities”.

Rebecca’s first single, “Angel On Our Shoulder” was released in 2013. Recently the national website praised the song as “a  poignant, rousing, inspiring anthem that, at its climax, would rival even Celine Dion’s vocal brawn”. All profits from the purchase of that song are devoted to charities that benefit families directly impacted by the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and help establish religious services for persons with special needs. Rebecca’s charitable partners and goals are discussed in detail on her website,

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