TI Exclusive: Interview With Toni Baldwin — View Here!!

Below is our exclusive interview with the talent singer-songwriter Toni Baldwin. Be sure to stay up to date with everything Toni has coming including her new album by going to her website, www.tonibaldwin.com.
Hi Toni, it is so nice to finally chat with you. Can you tell us a little about yourself for those who may not know?
It’s really great to be chatting with you guys again! I’m Toni Baldwin, I’m 19, and as my Twitter bio says, I make music and drink too much tea.
We know you write your own songs, where do you get your inspiration from?
I get all of my inspiration from life. Everything that goes on around me and with my friends and family, I pull from that.
What is the story behind your new single “Bang, Bang?”
I wrote “Bang, Bang” in September of 2014. There was (and still is) SO much going on in the world and teenagers and young adults are more worried about social media and a false reality than they are what’s really happening in the world. The problem with this fact is that WE ARE THE FUTURE. There are so many young people who are trying to make a difference in the world, BUT there are also more out there who aren’t. “Bang, Bang” is literally saying it’s time for this generation to start a revolution in the sense that we can be the people to CHANGE the world. The title comes from the word “bang” being used to describe a loud sound because this generation can make a HUGE sound as far as the future goes whether it be voting or just being a friend to someone who needs it. BE the change you want to see in the world.
Can you tell us a little about your debut album Veins? When can we expect it?
My album is definitely a storyline type of album. I wrote the entire album based off of one experience and dealing with everything that came with it in 2014. So it’s very cohesive. “Bang, Bang” actually wasn’t even written for the album, but with all the political decisions and everything going on, I felt like that was a huge part of 2014 as well. I’m still recording so you can expect it in the summer or early fall of this year.
Do you plan on going on a tour after you release Veins?
I plan on doing some smaller shows and then maybe a few StageIt shows that I can stream. Any way to meet and connect with the fans, is the best way!
Who is your musical influence?
I get a lot of inspiration from Miley Cyrus not just musically but also how she performs and how passionate she is about it. But I pull a lot from Lorde because she just doesn’t give a damn what anybody thinks of her. When it comes to rock influence, I admire The Maine a lot. They’re actually my favorite band.
What is your advice to people wanting to get to the point you are at in your career?
Just do it. Everyone always says “well I can’t get in the studio” or “but I don’t have any fans” well, I didn’t either. I did everything myself. My first guitar was a gift from my Grandfather and I’m self taught from a book. If you have access to any type of microphone or the internet, you can start something.
Thank you for taking the time to chat with us, we are looking forward to hearing Veins!
Thank you guys so much for having me!
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