TI Exclusive: Dalal Bruchmann Talks “Suddenly” Remix, Life In Los Angeles and Upcoming Album

Singer/songwriter, actress, model and special effects artist, Dalal Bruchmann, is taking the world by storm. Not only did she recently unveil a remix of her single “Suddenly” but she is currently residing in Los Angeles finishing up her debut album. Check out our exclusive interview with the Austria-Native and be sure to listen to “Suddenly” right HERE!

-What is it like to hear a remix of your song “suddenly”? Does it sound like a completely new song? Does it still express the same emotions?

~ It’s always interesting to hear a new take on your song! I think the initial idea is still there, the concept as well, but the vibe changes a little with the framework of the Remix.

-When you first recorded “suddenly”, what did you imagine it sounding like?

~ I did imagine it to sound like what it eventually turned out to be. I started humming the chorus in a shower in Boston and we finished the song the next day in the studio.
I wanted it to sound mysterious, romantic and sexy ….

-Singer/songwriter, actress, model and special effects artist, which one came first?

~ I think music came first, then came the acting and modeling and the interest and fascination with everything “behind the scenes” was always there. πŸ™‚

-You’ve worked on many projects such as 90210 and Sonny with a Chance, but behind the scenes, what’s the main difference between being behind the camera and in front of the camera?

~It’s a completely different process I think. At least for me. The only connection is the final product, but the approach is different and the post involvement with the product sometimes as well.

-What are some of the differences between being back home in Austria , New York, and now Los Angeles?

~ It’s like 3 different worlds. Even the East Coast and the West Coast differ in their pace and their feel. Not to mention Austria. The air is different, the people …but most of all it’s the feel you get.

-Now that you’re finishing up your debut album in LA, can you tell us about your process? How do you choose each songs to put on and which one to release as singles?

~It’s an interesting process and I think for every artist a little different. There are projects that come in between your plan like Superman that was written for a documentary that will be released this year.
I also released a half German half English winter song (cover of Anastasia’s Once upon a December) last December…
As for the Album it’s a pretty selective process…. There are so many songs we have written and that we are still currently writing on or recording or finishing up but at the end the Album needs to tell a coherent story so some songs even though they are great or dear to you might not make the final cut!

-What helps you while you’re writing music and which song was the most personal or difficult to write?

~I like it when it’s quiet.. That when I hear the music best. In the studio, the beach, late at night in my apartment, after a good meal lol! I’m also always inspired when I’m working with other musicians in the studio, violinists, cellists, sax player, drummers…. That’s always great fun and really inspirational!
Which song was the most personal….hmmm I have a connection to all of the song and different memories, good and bad I connect with them… But there is a song I wrote called Take on the world, and one that’s called I will be here that are both very personal.

-Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve written songs that have been too personal to release or that you just weren’t ready to yet?

~I think the personal moments that are depicted in songs are the ones that best resonate with people. Also, writing it is kind of medicinal and cleansing in a way …
I don’t think I’d have any problem sharing those personal feelings with the world.
It’s also hard to find the line between personal and too personal :/

-You have been on a long journey between musicals, to awards, and going to different schools, what would you say was the biggest challenge for you?

~ Keeping the rhythm up and keeping up with the rhythm.
I’m passionate about many things and I’d like to do everything 100 %, sometimes you forget yourself in the process and the main reason why you are passionate about something gets left behind. That can sometimes get challenging.

-Do you have any advice for people who wish to join the entertainment industry?

~I think the path is different for every artist! The only thing I would say is, don’t make compromises, stick to your choices and priorities!

-What else can we expect from you coming up?

~ I have a music video and a acoustic version of Superman coming out. I’m having a lot of up coming shows on the west coast and East coast. Another Single and music video, a few behind the scenes moments of my work, the Album and more. I’m currently also working on a movie score so…yay

-Lastly can you share with us your social medias and where we can find your music?
My official website is www.dalalmusic.com
Facebook, also dalalmusic
Twitter also dalalmusic
Instagram also dalalmusic

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