DreamWorksTV Presents ‘Life Hacks For Everyday Troubles’ For Kids!

lifehacksThere’s always going to be something you need or want to be simple. Need louder smart phone speakers? A secret place to stash some cash? How about some fun games for a rainy day? That’s what kids, and you, can learn from Life Hacks for Kids, presented by DreamWorksTV! Follow life hack expert Sunny as she shares some fun, and very simple, ways to make life, well, easier!

You can learn so much from Sunny such as using foil and a pencil to make a stylus, turning chapstick into a stowaway for your money, find out how to use a pizza box to make a mini ping pong soccer field and a whole lot more!

Go ahead and check Life Hacks for Kids with Sunny on DreamWorksTV’s YouTube right now! You’ll be glad you did! Check out one of the life hacks for a Smarter Phone below to learn how to make your speakers louder!


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