Help Demi Lovato And Take Her #WearHope Challenge With ‘We365’!


Hope is defined as a feeling of expectation for something to happen. Sometimes we hope to get a car or better grades. Perhaps even hoping for that one job you want. Hope is a word that has become a big part of Demi Lovato‘s campaigning these days.

Currently, Demi’s using the help of We365, a large community of people who want to help different causes by using inspiring challenges, to help raise awareness and money for mental health. Teaming with Regular Hero, also an organization that helps become “the voice” for different causes, Demi brings you the Hope Dealer Collection!

By accepting Demi’s challenge on We365 and purchasing any of these amazing clothes, all proceeds go toward the Lovato Scholarship Fund at CAST Recovery. You can be a Hope Dealer yourself by heading here:

Are you ready to become a Hope Dealer with Demi?

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