DVD RELEASE: Cartoon Network’s ‘Clarence: Mystery Piñata’ Available On DVD February 10th!

clarenceOn February 10th, you’ll discover the greatest of what life has to offer — epic pinecone wars, backyard tree forts and the secret worlds beyond milk cartons — all through the eyes of a young boy named Clarence and his friends as Cartoon Network releases Clarence: Mystery Piñata on DVD!

Clarence is the story of an optimistic, spirited, lovable boy who sees the best in all things and wants to try everything. Because everything is absolutely amazing!

In the all-new Clarence: Mystery Piñata DVD available February 10th, celebrate the best of childhood: epic dirt fights, awkward crushes, trampoline combat, sleepover pranks and secret tree forts all through the eyes of Clarence. His novel perspective transforms nearly any situation, however mundane, into the best day ever. No matter what happens, nothing brings Clarence down.

The DVD release of Clarence: Mystery Piñata marks the first home entertainment release for the animated series and features a collection of 12 popular episodes, including:

  1. “Fun Dungeon Face Off”
  2. “Pretty Great Day with a Girl”
  3. “Lost in the Supermarket”
  4. “Clarence’s Millions”
  5. “Jeff’s New Toy”
  6. “Zoo”
  7. “Rise ‘n’ Shine”
  8. “Average Jeff”
  9. “Slumber Party”
  10. “Dream Boat”
  11. “Too Gross for Comfort”
  12. “Neighborhood Grill”

As a bonus, the original pilot episode is included! Episodes of Clarence can be seen regularly on Cartoon Network and by going to CartoonNetwork.com!


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