Fans Dub Selena Gomez and Zedd ‘Zeddlena!’

After much speculation, and many pictures as evidence, Selena Gomez fans have officially shipped her with DJ Zedd!  The (possible) couple has been dubbed ‘Zeddlena’ by fans and its a fitting name!

Last week, January 9, Selena and Zedd were photographed with friends at Notch’s Housewarming Soiree. There are even a few of just the two of them getting quite cozy and goofing off adorably!  Then, the pair attended the Golden Globes together, holding hands as they chatted with Jennifer Anniston and Justin Theroux!

Check out the adorable pictures, so far, of the pair and let us know, do you think Zeddlena is the new couple or just good friends!?


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