Ariana Grande Experiments With Her Mimu Gloves — Watch Here!!


Ariana Grande has been experimenting with her Mimu gloves all week, and she just posted a video to show us how they work. Ariana is has been testing out the gloves and preparing to use them on her Honeymoon Tour.

“massive thank you and lots of love to Imogen for having me as a collaborator on this incredible project! more huge thank yous and hugs to adam, chagall, rachel and kelly! my fellow glovers and new friends. cannot wait to use these on the honeymoon tour!
a note to the loves watching,
i love and appreciate you always!!! cannot wait to see you so soon! we have all been working our bootaays off around the clock. I hope you love every single minute of this show!
45 days until we open xxxoooxoxo”

Check out her first video on her Honeymoon Diaries YouTube of her with the gloves below!

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