Selena Gomez Inspires Fan To Stop Harming Herself -Amazing Story!!

Selena Gomez Seen Leaving The Lax Airport In Los Angeles

Selena Gomez chatted with her fans from the Interscope Records studio last night while she is working on her next album.  We are so excited to hear Sel’s new material.

One fan that called in had a touching story about how Sel had inspired her to stop harming herself. Check out what the fan posted to her instagram below.

@asslena: Okay here is the entire story. I got the tweet selena retweeted and then I kept calling. The line kept going busy and then it went to the voicemail. I decided to leave a voicemail and I left my number. So I kept trying to call and nothing was working. I got an unknown phone call and i knew it was her. So I picked up and all you hear is her cute little voice and she was like “HIII YOU JUST LEFT A VOICEMAIL.” AND I was like “oh my god selena hi! Can I tell you something” and she was like “yeah sure.” And I was like “i met you over a year ago and I gave you my blades..” And zedd was like “blades?” And I was like “yeah I self harmed” and selena was like “OH MY GOD I REMEMBER IT WAS IN A LITTLE BOX RIGHT?” AND i was like “…,no I was from Chicago but because of you I am 1 year clean. Like I got love yourself first on my wrist to keep me going” and she was like “OH MY GOD I HAVE IT ON MY BACK” AND I was like “THAT’S WHY I HAD TO GET IT” then I said “anytime I felt low and I felt like I was gonna hurt myself again I thought of you and you lifted me up.” And she said “AWW I AM SO PROUD OF YOU” and i said “that means so much to me…” And I said “YOU SHOULD FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM” I was so shy when I said asslena lol but she said “YOU BETTER WORK IT GIRL” AND I SAID “OH YOU KNOW I’LL BE POSTING YOU” and then she said “well we have to take other calls and i love you and stay strong” and then we hung up. Seriously I am not okay right now.

That is just amazing and Sel should be proud about how great of an inspiration that she is to her fans.  What do you guys think about this?

Just as a side note, Sel was the original inspiration for when it first started back in 2007.

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