VIDEO: Lia Marie Johnson Premieres “Moment Like You” Music Video!

moment like you

Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Lia Marie Johnson is released the video for her debut single “MOMENT LIKE YOU” just today, January 9th. The song appears in the popular teen movie “Expelled” in which she also plays “Katie” the love interest of “Felix”(Cameron Dallas). After a limited theatrical release, the film reached #1 on iTunes just one day after its online release. Lia’s song “MOMENT LIKE YOU” was also released on December 16th, it hit the #6 spot on the electronic charts. The Song Is produced by The Touchtone5.

“MOMENT LIKE YOU” is a fresh twist about the roller coaster of young love. “When writing the song, I was thinking about how when you find someone you really like, you just want to be with that person, Lia told us.  “MOMENT LIKE YOU” was co-written by Lia for the movie Expelled.

Lia is an 18 year-old from San Diego who began acting and singing at age 10. She is a recurring cast member of the Nickelodeon sketch comedy series “AwesomenessTV” and starred in last summer’s “Terry the Tomboy” movie based on a character from the show.  She became an online personality through a number of popular web series including “Kids and Teens React”. Her recent project is a Nick Cannon/Fine Brothers production called “React to That”, which premiered on Nickelodeon in December.

Lia is in the studio working on her album that will be released later in 2015.

Check out “Moment Like You” below and make sure to grab it on iTunes now!

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