TI Exclusive: Sweet Suspense Talks Holiday Plans, New Music And Much More!

The beautiful ladies of Sweet Suspense have been very busy between recording new music, performing and establishing themselves as positive role models for their fans. The girls have also been signed to Jason Derulo’s record label, Future History, since their time on The X Factor and have even been working on a scripted television series! We caught up with Celine, Summer and Mille in an exclusive interview where they gave us the scoop their recording process, Holiday plans and even gift shopping advice! Check out the interview down below and don’t forget to check out their new original holiday song “Just Another Night” now available on iTunes.

How much has your lives changed since going on X Factor?

Summer: So much has happened since the show. We are now signed to Sweety High and have recorded a lot of new original songs and are going to release a ton of content in 2015. We can’t wait for you all to see it.

What is your favorite thing about being in a girl group instead of a solo artist?

All three: Living and working together.

You recently released your own original holiday song, Just Another Night, do you find it more difficult to release holiday music than your normal music?

Millie: No, we absolutely love holiday music and we’re so excited about it being our first original single!

Was it difficult trying to record an original holiday song with already all the classic holiday songs out?

Celine: Not at all. When our manager brought it to us, we instantly fell in love and couldn’t wait to get in the studio to record it.

How would you say Just Another Night is different from other holiday songs?

Summer: For us, Just Another Night is all about being with our families and that it is just another night if we aren’t with them.

Speaking of the holidays, do you girls have any holiday plans or traditions?

Millie: I always make my grandparents’ holiday cookies.
Celine: My family always has Noche Buena which is a Cuban tradition. It’s basically a great excuse to eat a lot of food!
Summer: My mom always makes her own ornaments every year. I always love it when she does.

Would you be on Santa’s nice or naughty list? Also would the other girls agree with you?

Millie: We all agree that we are definitely on the nice list!

What are your secrets to gift giving/shopping?

Millie: Make sure the gift comes from the heart and remind yourself that it’s the thought that counts!
Celine: I always go for the funny presents. I love making my family laugh on Christmas.
Summer: I am a big DIY gift giver and love creating really fun gifts.

We know you girls have been busy recording new music lately, can you tell us what can we expect to hear?

Summer: Urban, Pop, Edgy. We all have a different tone in each of our voices that bring a variety of genres and vibes together.

Right now you’re in the ages where you’re growing up personally and as artists, but are also trying to be positive role models for younger fans, does this have any effect on the type of music you record?

Millie: Absolutely. We always strive to have positive messages in our songs, especially when it pertains to girl power!

If you could add another member to the group, who would you choose and why?

Celine: Our honorary member “Chyanne” who is a fictional fourth member 😉

Are there any other upcoming projects we can expect from you?

Celine: Yes, we’ve been working hard with our management to create a ton of new content. We have so much amazing content and songs for you guys. Really can’t wait to release it!

What message do you have for your fans, friends, family etc.?

Millie: We are so grateful for everyone in our lives, including our fans.
Celine: We have so much to be thankful for and we love everyone who has helped us get where we are today.
Summer: Thank you so much for all of continued support. We really couldn’t do it without you!

Lastly, can you share with us your social medias?

@SweetSuspense on all verticals!

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