VIDEO: Deja Mae Releases Spellbinding Music Video, “Black Blood”!

black blood

The alluring Deja Mae has released a new music video for her haunting single, “Black Blood.” The video is a voyeuristic compilation of the artist withdrawn in close quarters, mixed with footage of her silhouette against a brick wall resembling a prison. “Black Blood”  is now available on iTunes with the video streaming on YouTube.

The self-produced video for “Black Blood” is dominated by footage of Deja in a small confined space, inviting comparison to a prisoner in a cell. Quirky objects are displayed to contrast Deja’s sensual, sophisticated side. This invites the comparison of her feelings of heartbreak longing to a literal prisoner in jail. The cell comparison also lends to a sense of abandonment she feels from the lost lover she refers to throughout the song. Deja portrays the only character we see in this video, defining a feeling of true isolation. “I still regret not kissing you more, all I am now is a little girl lost.” While Deja Mae’s music tends to have darker tendencies, she feels this single is particularly macabre, referring to it as one of, “the weirdest and creepiest songs I have ever been a part of and I couldn’t be happier about it.”

Up until “Black Blood”, Deja and Eric Wright have been collaborating in a style similar to The Postal Service, emailing each other samples back and fourth (often from different countries) to create music. This single was the first time the two were able to work together in person. Their body of work so far includes the singles, “Sun Babies (Eric Wright Remix)”, “Honey Pi (Eric Wright Remix)” and their free cover of The Weeknd’s “Wicked Games”, all which have received praised from numerous publications. Recently, Neufutur Magazine said that “the echoing, haunting vocals of Deja Mae will stick with listeners long after”. The music Deja has created with Eric so far indicates that she is far more than your run of the mill pop artist.

With entertainment in her blood, it is no surprise to see Deja pursuing a career in the industry. As the daughter of famous Emmy award-winning stunt coordinator, and director, Norman Howell, she spent a great deal of her childhood on set. In fact, she still thinks of a movie set as her “home.” Music videos for previous collaborations with Wright nod to several famous films and cartoons, indicating a deep familiarity with Hollywood. Deja still works as a stunt double and has worked on shows such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine and CSI: NY.

The music video for “Black Blood” showcases that even at its darkest corners; it continues to draw you in with a deep sense of beauty and mystery.

Be sure to download the new single, “Black Blood” on iTunes today and watch the video below! Follow Deja at

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