Win A Chance To Meet Zendaya On The ‘K.C. Undercover’ Set — Details!

B3-hAOUIIAAj2nyHow would you like to win a trip to see Zendaya on the set of K.C. Undercover? You and a few friends can win the ultimate grand prize of meeting and greeting Zendaya thanks to Disney’s K.C. Undercover Hollywood Spy-Away Sweepstakes!

To enter is simple: all you need to do is have a cell phone handy and follow the instructions Disney Channel tweeted below!

So, just simply text YARN to 347639 and you’ll be entered! For official rules on the Spy-away Sweepstakes, just go HERE.


  1. please help me make my dreames came tue i like to sings but no body beleve in me

  2. Hi is this zendaya me and my sisters are your biggest fansvwe love you. Do u have a Facebook page?????

  3. I have never won i really want to meet you i love dancing and of chorse sining i love you i am a BiG fan

  4. Dear zendaya,I want to meet you and I am a great dancer like you I am mixed like you please let me come I’m not begging

  5. Dear Zendaya, I will love to meet you because I am a huge fan and I really love your song and you are my leader to stay in school and I love your show Shake it up of chorse I am looking up to meet you and to K.C Undercover.

  6. hi my name is mariah in i am a big fan of zendaya in i love to listen to your music i seen all your k.c undercover shows it was funny in i really hope i get pick i also love all of your shake it up shows in if i dont get picked it is ok i will try next time if i get picked i will be as happy as ever i really hope u pick me in when i get to see u i will be good i will bring my sister cousin who ever but i have to bring my mother

  7. i really hope i get in i really hope i get to meet zendaya in if i win we going to have fun

  8. You are best of all. I hope i can meet you. p!

  9. Dear Zenda I would really like to meet you and I’m a big fan of your songs I have heard swag it out replay dig a little deeper and I think my baby well I’m a big fan and I really like all your songs and one day I’m going to try to be like you and I hope you read this I’m going to bring my mom and sister if you pick me if you do thankyou Zenda Cole men also like shake it up I watched all you episodes love takia p’s love that commercial my sisters is a big fan her name is jayda wilson and I wish and hope with a cherry on top I get picked I hope your listing

  10. Your so cool I hope I can meet you and have a Good day.

  11. I love zendaya i want to meeeeeet you !!!a,!a,!!!!

  12. Hi my name Kaylyn and I will love to meet Zendaya!! She is my idol!!! So please let me when if you do I will be the happiest girl on earth so PLEASE!!!!!!

  13. I love her so much so is cuter than any girl singer I want To meat her

  14. I can’t want to see zendaya I ♡♥♡♥♡ listen to her music all the time
    it’s going to be alsome to meet zendaya

  15. Hello
    My name is Mikiyah I always wanted to do this in my whole life

  16. Mikiyahjackson says:

    I can’t wait to see you

  17. mya thompson says:

    Heey I would love to meet zendaya Coleman

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