VIDEO: Alexa Ferr Covers Ariana Grande’s “Best Mistake”!

Alexa FerrRising music sensation Alexa Ferr teamed up with her good friend, 2Deepin for a fantastic music cover. The 19-year-old singer released an amazing cover of Ariana Grande ft. Big Sean’s “Best Mistake” from the Ariana’s album, My Everything.

Check it out below and let us know what you think!


  1. Hey Zendaya my name is Samantha Limones and I would really like to meet you in real life! I LOVE YOU. You are like my ittle! I love all of your songs and your in the movie Zapped and in the movie Friendimies and I love the show with Bella Thorn Snake It Up but sadly it ended😔
    Also my whole Family believes in me that I can see you in person! You are the best PERSON EVER I LOVE YOU!😍you are so pretty!i listen to your songs everyday and they are AWSOME! I’m having a really rough time back at my house and at school and if I saw you it would be they best thing that would ever happen to me in my life! So PLEAS I REALLY WANT TO MEET YOU IN PERSON

    Love Samantha💕

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