VIDEO: Ryan Seacrest Talks About His “American Success Story”!


Most people are very well aware of radio and TV host, Ryan Seacrest‘s huge successes. With experience on American Idol, radio, reality shows and a clothing line with Macy’s, this successful guy has much to be proud of.

Recently, Ryan sat down with The Lowdown’s Diana Madison at Diamond Bar High School to talk about The Grammys Foundation and Ford’s effort to help honor music programs in schools along with what he wishes his legacy to become. Basically his “American Success Story”.

In the interview, when asked about the secret to his success, he answered, “It is absolute focus and determination, and a love for what you’re pursuing. And I think they, as I did, will be told no a lot, and that no is something that you can’t always listen to, sometimes that no will become a yes, but I think that you have to find out something that you love, and pursue it with a lot of focus.”

And when the question about what Ryan wants to leave behind for future generations, this public figure stated, “I think the legacy of hopefully making people smile, hopefully they thought about something that wasn’t so stressful when I was either in front of them, or introducing somebody, and they smiled and had a good time.”

Check out the entire interview in the video below!


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