Taylor Swift Is First Woman To Replace Herself At Number 1 Spot On Billboard’s Top 100!


Taylor Swift decided to go with a different direction in her music and with her latest album 1989. The switch from country to pop proved to be beneficial to Taylor. With over one million sales of her new album and countless covers of various magazines, Taylor is breaking yet another record. Taylor is the first woman in over 50 years of history to replace herself on the number spot of Billboard’s Top 100.

For four consecutive weeks, Taylor’s single “Shake It Off” has been sitting on top as number one. Now, her new and latest single “Blank Spaces” has taken over. In addition, “Blank Spaces” jumped from number thirteen to number one. So far this year, Taylor is the only music artists to have secured two number one hits. With only a couple more weeks left in the year, who knows what could happen next.

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