G Hannelius Shares Some Fall Themed Nails In New Nail Art Tutorial! – Check It Out Here!


Disney Channel star from Disney’s Dog With A Blog, G Hannelius, teamed up with Beauty High a while ago to bring some awesome nail art tutorials to all her fans. In her latest nail art tutorial video, G shares some awesome tips on getting fall themed nails – perfect for the season and holidays! Along with the video she shared, G wrote:

“Check out this fall themed nail art tutorial I did with @BeautyHigh: http://beautyhigh.com/g-hannelius-nail-art/ … plus you get a sneak peak of Make Me Nails!”

G will even be launching her own new app called Make Me Nails! The app allows users to make different wraps for each different finger. The app is free and will available in the iTunes stores this coming winter, and the wraps that you design will cost $18 per set.

Be sure to check out G’s new nail art tutorial by watching it in the video below and let us know what you think by commenting!

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