5SOS Rocks iHeartRadio Festival In Vegas! — Pics Here!

The craziness of the iHearRadio Festival in Vegas is making fans all over the world absolutely nuts and jealous with the amazing lineup of performances including Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, Jason Derulo, One Direction and new comers like Before You Exit, Meghan Trainor and 5 Seconds of Summer! The weekend has been jam-packed with these amazing performers and multiple behind the scenes Q&A sessions.

Yesterday, the four Australian hotties were one of the first to hit the stage for Day 2 of the festival! It was a magic moment for all of the 5SOS Fam and here are the reasons why.

First off, why Ashton Irwin, the drummer, felt the need to lift his shirt is still under speculation but who cares because ABS!


And how can Luke Hemmings’ selfie with Josh Peck not be mentioned? (Does his smile not kill you!?)


Then there was that moment when the boys let the world know that they call Ashton ‘aqua man’ because he sweats so much.

And yet another cute/awkward photo opportunity where Calum decided he just needed to touch Michael while Ashton and Luke stood by innocently. 

This picture right before they went on stage where Michael’s hair suddenly became more orange than red: 

THE LEGENDARY 5SOS JUMP! I mean honestly, they are right on cue… EVERY TIME!


Calum being impossibly cute and making girls all over the world lose their vocal cords. 



Calum giving Luke this face: 

Some more awesomeness as they perform: 


A sweet Michael and Luke moment: 



And of course this Luke/Calum moment: 

The one second where they all turned around and it seemed as though Ashton and his hair were suffering serious whiplash:

And finally the moment they announced Paramore and they were  just as excited as the rest of the audience!


Ah, how we love these boys and all of their awesomeness.  What was your favorite moment of 5SOS’s Performance!?



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