Exclusive: Bono Calls Surprise Album ‘Punk Rock’ ‘Annoy People & Get in Their Faces’


Our friends over at Radio.com were able to sit down for an interview with music icon, U2 frontman Bono. In the interview this morning with CBS Radio’s KROQ , Bono opened up about the band’s release method. “The punk rock thing to do is annoy people and get in their faces,” he said. “If people have a problem with the way we released the album, I’m sure they’ve read about it online.”

Bono also talked about upcoming tour plans, the surprise album, and the meteroic rise of their song Songs Of Innocence — which has racked up 38 million people have listened to in just 7 days.

Photo Credits: Getty Images/AFP

Check out the rest of the interview with Bono on Radio.com here

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