Brittny Gastineau Launched Her Own T-Shirt Line — Check It Out!!


Brittny Gastineau is not new to fashion. In addition to being a model herself, she was thrown into the world of fashion at a very young age by model and mother, Lisa Gastineau. Both Brittny and Lisa have been icons of the fashion world for years throughout Los Angeles, New York, and many parts of Europe. Brittny is a successful model, socialite, TV reality star, and of course Kim Kardashian’s best friend.

As of this week, Brittny Gastineau launched her own t-shirt line. Blending her extensive experience, cultural background and unprecedented fashion sense, her designs were inspired by men and all of the encounters that are a result of being with a man.

Check out some of Brittny’s best sellers below and the rest of her new line can be found at

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