Roots Regular Patty Crash Flies Solo, Debuted “New Life” On Today


Icelandic rebel PATTY CRASH, legendary Roots Crew Affiliate premiered her video for her debut single “NEW LIFE” from the upcoming debut album BORN TO FALL. The Philadelphia-based singer-songwriter debuted “New Life” today at 3pm on, this was a big step in the starlet’s young career — something like this puts her label Highly Educated Music Label on the map.

Mascara never holds up…especially when you’re near drowning in life’s bathtub of despair. This dark, artsy NEW LIFE visual by PATTY CRASH finds the industry mainstay doing what she does best – standing out amongst the crowd in her brash yet relatable way.

It’s a timeless love and life tale we can all sing along to when soulful PATTY CRASH declares, “…I do the most, so I can overdose/Pain is the Devil’s drug/You tell me go to hell, and it feels like the place to be…”

Check out the world premiere of Patty’s music video for single “New Single”:


Check out one of the Roots music videos featuring Patty below:


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