TI Exclusive: Jackie Evancho’s Back To School Playlist Premiere — Listen Here!!

Fourteen year old classical crossover sensation Jackie Evancho has been quite the busy bee recently releasing new music and getting ready to release new music. Everyone now is back to school or getting ready to head back to school, so in honor of that Jackie wanted to share a playlist she created with you all. The songs on her “Ready To Go Back to School” playlist are all songs you can listen to on the bus, getting ready for school or just doing homework. List to her playlist she made just for you below!

Jackie also released her official video for Phantom of the Opera’s “Think Of Me,” the first single off her upcoming album Awakening. Awakening is due out on September 23rd via SONY MUSIC MASTERWORKS and in the meantime the album can be pre-ordered now on Amazon and iTunes.

“From the moment I saw Phantom of the Opera, with my family, I knew I wanted to record ‘Think of Me.’ It’s such a beautiful song.” – Jackie Evancho in a recent interview with People. Watch the Jackie’s official video below!

Stay up to date on Jackie Evancho by visiting http://www.jackieevancho.com.


  1. I thought you could ask Jackie Evancho why she is angry a

  2. Most of that list is nothing but irritating noise.. No music, no talent, your list should be Jackie Music… or other good classical crossover
    Jackie Evancho is a perfect example of great honest to goodness music..
    Go Jackie Evancho

  3. Glenn Reiland says:

    You are awe inspiring, and please keep the songs as lovely as you are!

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