After Romeo’s “Love On Lock” EP Will Be Available At All Their Shows!

10684017_625731897541554_908585991_nAfter Romeo announced today on Instagram and Twitter that their amazing EP, “Love On Lock” will be available beginning today at every single one of their shows! They say on Instagram:

“Today is a huge day!! After crazy anticipation our EP IS AVAILABLE!! It will available at all of our shows! Love you Bromeos and Juliets”

You can check out where they’ll be at For today, they’ll be having their free show in Denver, Colorado at the Orchard Town Centre for FREE!!

They shared the same “Love On Lock” pic above with another message on Instagram saying:

“COLORADO! Our Free Concert is today 2pm at the Orchard Town Center be early!!! We also do a meet & greet after the show tickets to the m&g are available at the merchandise table! AND as of today the @afterromeo #TheLoveOnLockEP is now available at concerts!!!!!!!! Denver u get the first listen!!!!!! Can’t wait to see you all today!!! #boys #afterromeo #music”

Are you already going?


  1. Heather Laird says:

    I love u guys so much I saw u at the orchard town center today and I was able to take a picture with u and I was starstruck

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