Sabrina Carpenter Meeting Fans In Pennsylvania With Radio Disney!

sabrinacarpenterDisney Channel star from Disney’s new series Girl Meets World, Sabrina Carpenter, will be in Quakertown, Pennsylvania this weekend on Saturday (September 13, 2014) to meet fans with Radio Disney. The star will be at the Kohl’s store from 1:30 PM ET to 3:00 PM ET. Sabrina shared the details this morning with the photo (above) and she also tweeted:

“Come hang out with me at the @Kohls in Quakertown, PA on Sept 13th for games, dancing and all around fun times !! xx “

Will YOU have the awesome chance of meeting Sabrina this Saturday?! Let us know by commenting!


  1. Shawn Jack Eddie Eric Topanga are my favorite characters on BMW and not seeing Rider on his sequel is breaking my heart

  2. When BMW Came out i start watching it because i loved that show so much and i want to be like BMW with Sabrina Carpenter Rowan Blanchard and living their life in NYC With their Mommy and Daddy and the grandparents and Shawn Jack and eddie hunter in this sequel and it’s all about BMW AND GMW competition

  3. Sabrina Rowan Blanchard
    i am not enjoying you sequel it’s hard for me to watch since Rider Strong isn’t coming in to the sequel, but only coming in for 6 episodes and he’s the director to your sequel and i all upset and heartbroken I am no longer watching your show count me out Virginia State is not watching your show because there upset with the performance of the GMW show if the raitings get worse there wont be a second season and it will be all of my fault

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